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UberWeen 2: TERROR OF THE SMOL! published on 31 Comments on UberWeen 2: TERROR OF THE SMOL!
Happy Hall–err UBERWEEN everyone! This year is much simpler then last, but hopefully just as enjoyable. With most of heroes (and a mandatory Valmont) as kids trick or treating as the wonderful Undertale characters! The sight of such cute smol kids fills you with DETERMINATION! (oh and I guess Proto is Bill Cipher or whatever..) uberquesthalloweenkids
  • Lucius Appaloosius

    Well, freak occurrences are part of the daily routine here…. 7@=Q

  • Edward Wilson

    Cow mom is best mom <3

    • Phuufy

      I thought Toriel was a goat? XD

      • Ratz

        She is but Ah let him believe that, if it makes him happy.

  • “…much simpler THAN last…”
    Sorry, just can’t help it.

  • cr1ms0n t1ger

    Yay, Undertale!

    Farron is adorable, and Sesame… just… too… much… cuteness!

    • Valkeiper2012

      Never heard of it.

  • Majinkoba

    It’s really funny and cute how appropriate most of these are to their characters, and future shipping foreshadowing? I won’t say too much for those that have not played Undertale yet.

  • Adam McGarry

    I really want to play Undertale, since everyone seems to love it. But should I just watch Jack or Mark play it?

    • Majinkoba

      No you should play it or watch Skidd play it >.>

      • Adam McGarry

        Just bought it. Gonna start playing tomorrow after I do one continuous run of SOMA for Halloween.

        • Valkeiper2012

          Better than me.
          I had never heard of it.

    • Ratz

      Cryaotic did a good Play through of it, you should check it out.

  • John Belrose

    Oh my i just realized this is the crew as kids, love the fact Proto is Bill Cypher.

  • Borderwolf

    Never heard of Undertale, but this comic is cute. Sesame and Kibs win the Ubercute award. Well at least in my opion they do.

    • Valkeiper2012

      I have never heard of Undertale, either.
      I’m seriously thinking of looking into it.
      Judging from the responses, Undertale is a game

  • Alex Smith

    Now I want to play Undertale. Must. get. exposition. to understand costumes!

  • Ratz

    I love how Proto is Bill form Gravity Falls.

  • Tallon-1

    awwwww >u<

  • Gravedigger


  • Thunder

    Question: who’s the bat? I don’t think we’ve seen her yet.

    • Majinkoba

      He is Valmont, a villian of the story that hasn’t been formally introduced yet in the strip

    • Jakozx

      Appeared in the last Halloween comic I think, also I think it’s a he, not a she.

      • Thunder

        Really? That seems like a really, really narrow waist for a guy.

        • Phuufy

          Well, he’s a kid here and he’s dressed as Mettaton, another androgynous character.

          • John Belrose

            I think it is still (forgive the pun in regards to a bat) up in the air.

  • Dart Devious

    I love it! Though… I wish Frisk was there.

  • Victor Masi

    Next Halloween, can you draw them as characters from this:

    • somebodywhoknowsthings

      great idea, I love RWBY

  • Love it to death!
    And that spaghetti detail! XD

  • HUNRonin

    There’s no Temmie 🙁