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Ask the UberCast!
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  • MaveriKat

    DANG! That beast is a big one!

  • Phlosioneer

    The king slime got surprise! xD

  • IAmHawz

    It’s a giant mutant gusher with a crown on top! How long has that been there?

    I love how her tail went all frizz in that last panel.

    Prediction: Kibbles came along anyway.

  • WhE3lman

    Im not saying its right behind you…. But its right behind you.

  • bladra

    wow i would of though it be half the size

    • IAmHawz

      “King” usually translates into “Big”

      • bladra

        if thats your way of saying big then i hate to see your way of humongus

  • Derrath

    I’m oddly sad that it doesn’t sport Akira Toriyama’s King Slime design, or resemble it too much. Oh well, cool monster anyways! ^^

  • Stephen Temple

    A wild King Slime appears!
    Sesame used Intimidate!
    It had no effect….

    • Radar

      what will our hero do next???


      • Stephen Temple

        Most likely get hurt and be saved by Kibbles!
        CALLED IT!

        • Radar

          whe don’t know that yet

          • Tykus

            Yes we do.

          • Radar

            no we dont

          • Tykus

            Oh please. you know its going to happen X3

          • Radar

            so what if its the likely outcome, I don’t like to predict the comic ahead of time

  • Radar

    to quote my favorite swashbuckler
    HELLO BEASTY*smiles*

  • AlleyWayTC

    I don’t remember slimes being so big… and menacing! … I guess I never encountered the King Slime before! Run Sesame, run!

    • Stephen Temple

      Sesame used Run Away!
      Can’t Escape!

      • Da1337Wolf

        Sesame’s speed Fell!

  • Forrest Darkfox

    OH SHIT IS RIGHT!… If that’s what it looks right I would need a healer

    • DarkMyste

      she dont need a healer she needs fire mage to burn it, or frost mage to freeze it

  • I guess that’s why it is called a King Slime, as opposed to a Peasant, or Serf Slime… =^^=

  • Crimsonreaper

    eh normal king slimes are not that hard in most games, liquid king slimes, metal king slimes, fire king slimes, acid king slimes, dark king slimes, death king slimes, stuff like that? now those are hard.

  • Shadowkey392

    Wow. That is one big piece of slime. I’m kinda surprised she didn’t forsee this.

  • Shadowkey392

    This is why you never turn down the chance to have a mage on your team.

  • Saberphoenix

    that crown is so fabulous :3

  • Sanchez

    Oh sweet, tentacles! Who knows what fun that slime is going to have with her.

  • Icalasari

    WHELP! That was a short web comic!

  • bladra

    well as old saying goes “bigger they are the harder they fall”

  • bladra

    anyone got a ice bomb handy to freeze that big fella and shatter him

    • bladra

      if we had a ice bomb we can freeze that king slime and then smash him to peices

  • Dakota Miyamoto

    never underestimate a monster based on it’s name, I had to fight a monster called a pinpin in an online game once, I was level 24 at the time, it seemed like an easy quest, but when I found that monster, hoooo-leee crap was I in for a surprise, that thing was f*cking HUGE and it nearly freakin’ killed me! I barely won by the skin of my teeth

  • O_o

    Mia .hack >.> just needs longer ears

  • Victor B

    Go for the Jelly! GO FOR THE JELLY!

  • LoveStone LifeSythe

    Should of brought puppy along. Fire is good against slimes.

    • Forrest Darkfox

      Nu…NU it is not…probbably fire and ice…

  • Alex Dixon

    Slime monster & a girl…why do i see something very sick about to happen?

    • Forrest Darkfox

      Cause you took it that way…