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Ask the UberCast!
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  • Beatdown

    Well its about time I sit down and read this comic

  • tych

    boy needs to learn how to say no

    • Rateus

      I was thinking just the same, but I empathise. I’ve got myself into trouble at work taking too much on and not being able to turn things down. You end up disappointing nearly everyone!

      • Dark Jurrac

        How can you say no to Kibbles when she says pretty please?

        • Rateus

          I’m sure I couldn’t.

  • Shadowkey392

    What a guy!

  • GentleHunter

    Can’t blame him for falling asleep.

    I mean, ANYONE would feel tuckered out after two dozen screws, amirite? ^_~
    (Yeah, I went there and I’m already sorry.)

    Side note, I like how all the characters in this have their eye-colors, but are otherwise grayscale.

    • TheRebelLion96

      I liked that too.

  • Stephen Gilberg

    Mmm, tight pants and naked back. With unexplained scars…

    • Zenos The Tanooki

      Abusive Uncle duh

    • Phasperous

      And a cute tight ass to boot~
      I love his cute floofy tail too.

  • Cory Tenorio

    That is the result of an abusive uncle.

  • KLiCK

    I think all that uncle talk caught up to him…

  • TheRebelLion96

    This was some good filler – not gonna lie. : )

  • Zenos The Tanooki

    If his bastard uncle shows up again he better get his face punched in

    • Okamiwolf543

      Mason must use the power of Saitama to succeed.

  • DocGenius42

    finally caught up with this comic; tfw you read the content of 3 years in the last few days (week?). i really like the story and the characters so far.
    so how often does this comic currently update (i got from some comments that you’re busy)? and i heard sth about the side story Milo’s Mark (which to my knowledge is on hold), but idk where to find it, besides the first 5 pages on deviantart.
    i really hope to see Clair and Sesame having a talk again about the former’s problems this time. pretty sure they understand each other the best with their backstories and goals. speaking of which, i still suspect Sesame’s sister to be part of the rebellion or even the Iron Ward (if i understood it wright they are two different groups).
    i’m curious as to who this pilot next to Soya on this group picture is a picture of her isn’t even shown on the cast page yet. i also want to see Raziel again. i mean she has a name, is listed in the cast and appears on the same picture in a way better condition, so i rly doubt she’s just a one-off background character.
    on a side note: my favorite ship is Clair x Sesame x Kibbles

  • SqueakingShoebox

    This is why Mason is precious. Protect him.

  • M.Mitchell Marmel

    D’awwwww! 😀

  • Corndog

    I’d be tired too after two dozen screws.