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Ask the UberCast!
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  • ReyJJJ

    Leave it to the first human to look the least believable.

  • NixieSeal

    Aw yis indeed! I’m glad you’re able to find time to work on the comics!

  • Regulos14

    Nice to see that we’ll get UQ twice a week now. But the question now is, is tomorrow’s comic an April Fools joke? 😛

  • MysticJanus

    Extra Uber-ness is always good in my book! ^^

  • Valkeiper2012

    I saw Bi-weekly and thought “Oh no, two weeks between pages?” Now I see you meant what is usually termed “Semi-weekly”

    • The_One_Guy

      Assumig Wikipedia can be trusted “Biweekly may refer to an event that occurs twice weekly or once every two weeks. Strictly, ‘twice weekly’ is the correct meaning, with events occurring once every two weeks being more correctly described as ‘two-weekly’ or ‘fortnightly.'” So biweekly is indeed the correct term here.
      Though you’re right, semiweekly would also be correct and would remove ambiguity.

  • Forrest Darkfox


  • speedddogg

    Wait. If it was twice a week, it would be semi-weekly! BI means every two weeks!

  • Forrest Darkfox

    Intensity!!! The fun grows!

  • Regulos14

    Now that Tina has Yuki in her hand, does that mean it’ll turn into King Kong with her scaling up a tall building? XD

  • Toshiro Tushima

    Say, aren’t those Tiger tanks in the 3rd panel?

    • AnonAnon

      Neko-Tanks 😛

    • Borderwolf

      They most likely are Tina Tanks. XD

  • ac

    Thinking that tinazilla will get bigger from some weapon that was trying to beat her xp

  • MrAMP

    Wait a minute…there’s another cat woman in this world?
    I thought it was just Tina and Yuki. XD

    • Gravedigger

      there’s always another sexy cat lady in the world, its the first law of nature

  • Dakota Miyamoto

    I’m not sure what’s going on, but I am wondering when Nekonny’s gonna come in

    • Gravedigger

      didn’t he already??