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Ask the UberCast!
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  • Majinkoba

    I am sorry Jeston but, this means you will likely die first, it was nice knowing you.

    • sargothwise

      On the other hand: If you have a name your chances of surviving have already gone up.

      • Blank Theorist

        Or down even more in cases like this. Heartbreak for those who get attached to characters easy.

      • Sepher

        Nah, now it’s just pathos. He’ll be dying in Kylars lap while being yelled “Jeston, JESTON! Don’t you quit on us! Don’t you dare!” Making his unavoidable death all the more pathetic.

    • Vadelent

      While I do agree with you my current bet is that Mr. Bored over there goes first quickly followed by Bunny Brighteyes. And Then Jeston will get dragged off to some horrible fate (probably to be eaten by something particularly large), while their Commander looks on in terror, falls to the ground and starts scrambling and running in the opposite direction.
      Meh, it’s a long shot but hey, it could happen.

  • Tallon-1


  • Blank Theorist

    R.i.p. New Dude. I shall not even going to try and remember your name, as you will be dead within a few pages (20$ on 3 pages from now :p)

    • WhiteFang59

      Nah, if it plays out like most anime, its probably the next page or 2. Kind of hoping it won’t play out like that though

  • Anomaly

    The one with the crossbow looks like he’s debating on shooting Kylar.

    • Gravedigger

      thats what happens after you have the same commanding officer for years

    • Jagmaster69

      Kinda also looks stoned.

      • Phuufy

        He just has a resting bitch face at all times. That’s all.

  • Shadowkey392

    Jeston I regret to inform you that your chances of dying so that Kylar has someone to angrily avenge have just gone up. Recommend you get life insurance if you haven’t already.

    P.s. I sincerely hope you don’t actually die.

  • celticwolf72

    Ah, yes… the redshirt speech….

  • somebodywhoknowsthings

    Kylar reminds me of Duo Maxwell from Gundam Wing, next Halloween he should dress up as him

    • Phuufy

      That is a name I havent heard of in awhile. But yes he would make a good one 😀

  • EnvyDragon

    Welp, Jeston’s dead.

    Either that or he’s doomed to remain fiercely loyal to the wrong side after Kylar learns to value what’s good and right over what he was taught was the law.

  • Victor B

    hmmm, kinda thought we’d have a flash back

    • Phuufy

      We felt the readers needed a bit more time to adjust to Kylar before giving a flash-back of his past. No worries, he will have one in due time. Probably going to show flashbacks of characters that readers are more familiar with first though. 🙂

      • Victor B

        shows my amatureness. I thought I’d bond with him (not in that way) as his backstory was being told

        • Phuufy

          Well there are some hints to his backstory at least. He followed his childhood dream (against his parents wishes) went to University, has a really nice job as a result of hard work. He also mentioned he is the only son of his family and we know he is gay (but lives that lifestyle in secret).His family seems to be protective of him as-well.

          • Victor B

            You are right, I should rejoice in what I already know… just hard not to think of him as a spoiled rich kid in my mind… sorry

  • The dude in the middle is like “Not this shit again.”
    On the other hand those two seemed to be fans of the whole Kylar’s story.

    I just hope the new guy doesn’t die first, and the fact that people are completely going for the idea of his death pretty much makes me feel like I’m wrong T^T

    • Phuufy

      Well, it’s fine to assume something different then the rest – he could turn into a tentacle monster in the next page for all we know!

  • Facade Kitsune

    hmm? if this were any darker a comic I would say a Bull’s eye has just been painted on this kid

  • Jagmaster69

    Kylar must have had bitching college years.

  • cr1ms0n t1ger

    With dialogue like that, what could POSSIBLY go wrong? *says that while walking under a latter. at that moment, a black cat runs across my path causing me to loose balance and fall on a nearby table. i shake the table just enough so a conveniently placed salt shaker gets knocked over and spills the salt. the salt shaker then continued rolling and falls off the table, where it brakes a conveniently placed mirror* Well… can’t get more Jinx’d then that. Well, at least I finally got that image of Kylar in those panties out of my h- DAMMIT!!

  • Alex Smith

    The unnamed crossbowman in the middle, very serious, has probably heard this before, hasn’t spoken, or been spoken to.

    • Phuufy

      He’ll speak next page, he is a man of few words!

  • Verager

    There’s a lot of clamoring about Jeston’s possible death, and I can definitely see the plucky innocence as a set up to a bad break. Though, what I thought of was Kylar’s orientation. The society he lives in still doesn’t condone his preferences or his relationship with his secret boyfriend. So it makes me wonder where Jeston and the rest of the squad fall on this issue? There’s more than one way to shatter innocence

    • Phuufy

      Ah yes, that certainly wouldn’t win him any favors if they did somehow find out. It’s partially why Kylar goes above and beyond trying to be a goody-two-shoes law-abiding honorable man. He knows that there is one thing about himself that if others knew would completely destroy his reputation. It would also default any of the good things he’s done in his life as he would be only known for being one of ‘them’.

  • Vadelent

    Intriguing, he tells us a story of how he got to where he is while at the same time telling us nothing at all. That’s quite the talent…

    • Phuufy

      If it was all given away in a couple of paragraphs and we denied the audience of a juicer more detailed flashback in the future it wouldn’t have been as fun.

  • Aaaand then he dies in the next page.

  • Ratz

    10 bucks Jeston Dies.

  • Professor Dey

    Why is it that the only thing I can think about with that second-to-last frame is how the guy in the middle has really terrible crossbow discipline? Drawn, nocked, finger on the trigger -and- pointed level with his companions’ heads? What are they teaching in the military these days? X3

  • Vulpine Warrior

    Coconut pizza. Alex has invented the perfect food.

  • Facade Kitsune

    wow Peat even managed to annoy Alex that takes talent

  • Huskeylord

    Manager: Give them everything and maybe they will go away.
    Employee (bill): But sir isn’t that against policy?
    Manager: WE CANT FOLLOW POLICY WITH THIS KIND OF CUSTOMER, BILL! ITS NOT POSSIBLE! its not possible. *starts crying*
    Employee: Whatever you say sir. Whatever you say. *pulls cap of hat down in shame*

  • Jack Mcslay

    Things will get interesting when Mark discovers the boob size slider