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Ask the UberCast!
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  • Shadowkey392

    Awww! Good for you!

  • Snowskeeper

    This is an excellent way to start a relationship.

  • Dasky

    I accept the terms and conditions.

    • qbo2077

      Are you sure?

      • Dasky

        *clicks accept*

        • Victor Masi

          *Lucifer comes and drags you down through all nine circles of hell…..(lightning strikes) mwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!*

          • James-Polymer

            Goodness, those viruses are getting more innovative by the day.

          • Victor Masi

            what else would you expect from a harmful computer program of the Inferno?

  • Don’t accept Claire’s money, you might end up like Farron.
    And be a man of your principles, Mason, don’t lose your way to temptation.

    Also, the fans are gonna be pretty glad to see the first panel.
    Fans who ship Sesame X Mason that is.

    • Alex Smith

      Yes, the fans who keep shipping Sesame and Mason will also be glad to see how upset she is in the last panel. Do I detect a little bit of jealousy?

      • Anonymous K

        Especially that face in the 4th panal

  • Alex Dixon

    I really hope that isn’t claire’s only technique. makes her seem slutty.

    • Victor Masi

      same here.

    • Night-X

      Well there no hope for them.

    • Phuufy

      Hey she offered wacky dollars first! Claire knows the power boobs can wield, if you’d seen anything about her personality thus far it’s that she enjoys pulling pranks/messing with people. Even so, being a more liberal in her sexuality doesn’t make her a ‘slut’ — I mean shit she only showed her boobs a little – not participated in a 7 man orgy.

      • Victor Masi

        or worse…..did what Cersei Lannister did….which led to the emergence of the most hated character of all time….(spoiler alert for non-GoT followers) and when he died, fans everywhere smiled like kids on christmas.

        • Phuufy

          …whaat..I don’t get the connection. Claire is an only child so there is no chance of her sleeping with any siblings. :I ?

          • Victor Masi

            it’s just some dark humor I’m throwing in….just a harmless joke.

  • Alex Smith

    I do like a good jiggle.

  • Fourth panel: “I’m and apprentice there and–”

    Should probably be “an apprentice”.

  • Majinkoba

    Let the competition begin! First Prize: Mason

    • Valkeiper2012

      Winner due to excessive PENALizing of her opponent… Sesame.

  • BladeWolves

    Kinda like that one thing that you had on you’re Ask Ubercast Blog…

  • Edge Knight

    i want them ASSETS!!!!!!

  • cr1ms0n t1ger

    And Sesame just got some competition. I vote on them settling who gets Mason the old fashion way: UNNECESSARILY SKIMPY, DEMEANING CAT FIGHT.

    • Gravedigger

      that wouldn’t be fair

    • somebodywhoknowsthings

      Claire would be face first in the dirt in like 0.3 sec

      • Valkeiper2012

        she’d last that long? you’re giving her some benefit of doubt.

    • Victor Masi

      I was thinking more along the lines of a Star Trek style fight to the death:

    • Psychowolf

      Cat fight? Was that pun intended?

    • qbo2077

      I wanna see a cat fight! >:D

  • DarkMyste

    sesame: leave my man alone!!!
    Mason: yeah, leave me alon…… wait, WHAT!! nose bleeding after Claire showing and sesame saying her man and being knocked out…
    Claire; stop being a prude and help me get a good price

    is all i can think of for the next comic

  • deathknight

    don’t break him Claire!

  • AnonAnon

    Well, she knows how to use her assets to her advantage xD

  • OnyxLynx

    C’mon Mason. Do it for science!

  • Gravedigger

    well well miss O’Connell, bribery will get you everywhere

  • jrh150482


    If you don’t get it, read it upside down.

    • Valkeiper2012

      I tried. I even copied it on my calculator (it has alphanumeric functions) and turned it up-side down.

      • jrh150482

        I was going for ‘BOOBIES!!!!!’.

  • Victor Masi

    I speculate that Uberquest may possibly reach it’s hundredth comic page on saturday, February 21, 2015….keep in mind, this just a wild guess…nothing’s truly set in stone.

  • SgtBash96

    I want payment in full :3

    Yeah, okay, not the first to make that joke ^^;

  • Psychowolf

    I’m really starting to like the plot in this comic.

  • alex_longfur

    BWAHAHAHA! I mean… Shame on you!

  • Brett

    Well that escalated quickly

  • Cory Tenorio


    • Valkeiper2012

      actually, just a new aspect of an already existent rivalry. We all know Sesame has the lead, tho

      • Cory Tenorio

        For now.

  • Ian
  • Valkeiper2012

    Seems to me Claire is under the impression that all males will suddenly stop thinking with what’s between their ears when certain stimuli are presented.

    A bit of news to you Claire. Some guys, the elevator does not go to the street gutter. It takes a bit of effort on your part. Looks to me like Mason’s elevator is stuck on the top floor.

    • James-Polymer

      Based on his facial expression, I think his elevator just broke…along with his brain. O_O

      • somebodywhoknowsthings

        your comment just made my day

        • James-Polymer

          S’what I do, brotha’.

  • Shadowkey392

    Claire doesn’t have much in the way of a sense of modesty does she?

    • Valkeiper2012

      Think about it. She’s stuck far from home in both time and space, her ONLY friend fro home is lost, she’s not so sure of her ‘new friends’ or even herself in the new situation.

      Now she comes across someone who may be able to help her fashion a recourse to the problem.

      Desperate times call for desperate measures and she’s getting desperate.

      • Shadowkey392

        I suppose. Though flashing Mason strikes me as an extreme last-resort option.

  • The Protoss Disco-Ball

    I hope there will be a fanservice page of claire :O Got me hoping <3

    • Sartharina

      Check out the Ask Uberquest blog. She’s been naked several times there.

  • *Slight bleeding*
    I can collaborate!