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Ask the UberCast!
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  • Lykas

    doth I detect a Pikmin reference?

    also: I’d do the same thing as Proto in this case.. name-wise.

    • Cory Tenorio

      Lo! You are correct sir!

      • kenjithefolf

        Hurray for pikmin references XD
        This would make a great adtion to their game lineup XD

  • Regulos14

    Proto would be lucky if they just wanted brains. They could of been wanting to suck out his electricity.

    • Mafoc

      I don’t think they know what that is.

  • I hope there aren’t giant frogs, that would be wrong…

  • Zarylo


    • Silly Zealot

      With root-like tails! Huahuahuahua!

  • cr1ms0n t1ger

    Yup. It’s a Pikmin reference alright.

  • Victor Masi

    “who’s the scruffy looking donkey?”
    “that’s Sven.”
    “and who’s the reindeer?”

    • Gravedigger

      i knew there would be a frozen reference, I will now kill you, have a nice day

      • Jagmaster69

        i will help

        • ACSB

          Me too. I’ll get the pitchforks…

          • Jagmaster69

            Ill get the snowballs

        • Gravedigger

          but I don’t need help, oh well welcome aboard sparky

  • Alex Smith

    Can one of them be called Proto Jr.? Pleeease.

  • Alex Dixon

    why do I think proto would have clap trap’s voice?

  • Majinkoba

    I knew Proto was alright!, he will have them worshiping him by sundown

  • Victor Masi

    (sarcastically) oh no, he’s at the mercy of of the hugaboopies from Adventure Time, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

  • Datfurry

    aaaaaand there’s chuggaconry’s reference (steve)

  • Majinkoba

    And now with the might of his army of Steves the power of the Egyptian God Cards will be his!

  • Shadowkey392

    I was wondering when we’d see Proto again .

  • Another Loser

    “And the one with red leaves will be Stephan.”

  • Victor Masi

    If said tiny people are as mischievous and destructive as Gremlins, methinks that Sesame may end up getting into a little scuffle with them. Let’s just hope she fares better than the previous individual:

  • Jagmaster69

    I feel like this is the same as the beginning of Pikmin

  • Jagmaster69


    sorry dont hate me i hade to do it

    (insert 69 joke here)

    • ACSB


  • Facade Kitsune

    didn’t know to watch Cuggaconry XD

  • ac

    Steve the trooper!

  • CelticIrishSwordswoman

    I love Chugga….
    But, then does this mean that Proto is short for something besides Prototype?

  • Clap-Trap moment =W=

  • Johnny Regeson

    Art’s parents must have been crazy.

  • Shadowkey392

    Ooh, control freak parents. Poor Art.

  • Timecapsule13

    Still can’t wait for the reveal dude, that last page was great and now I am seeing all the different stories and I am loving it!!! Four, technically three, different stories going on at one time!!! This is amazing!!!

  • Anomaly

    Sometimes the best advice comes from those you least expect it from.

    • nagashi

      Its always those people you think are batskite insane that hold the most sage of wisdoms.

  • Great Basin Coyote

    Maybe Uncle Art was involved with Art’s sister running away from home? Maybe assisting with lodging, food, and clothes? If Art’s parents rarely communicated with Uncle Art, then law enforcement may not pry too deeply and overlook a runaway.

    The likeliest of outcomes for a runaway that is working alone are too vulgar to mention here. My guess is that fleeing the house was pre-meditated with willing accomplices.