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Ask the UberCast!
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  • Shadowkey392

    What’s going on, Kiriad? You’re being played, that’s what.

  • Regulos14

    I don’t know what to feel here. T_T

    • Phuufy

      Oh noes.. Dx

    • Gravedigger

      maybe you should see a counselor then

  • Another Loser

    Only two coppers for a flower? That’s a way better deal than what those girl scouts were offering. Thought they could gouge me cause they’re little girls…

    • Victor Masi

      all that cash for a bunch of lousy cookies. what a world, eh?

      • Mr. Misfit

        HEY! Their thin mints are good…

        • Victor Masi

          I’m making a joke…hahaha

          • Mr. Misfit

            Even so, you can’t deny thin mints.

          • alex_longfur

            Or the Samoas

          • green-swordsman

            or the Trifolds those are just to good.

    • Timecapsule13

      My middleschool and highschool sold flowers for 5 bucks in middle for a single flower, and in highschool 15 bucks a flower, and they were just stupid rose like flowers, who the heck would pay that much for a flower that only trys to look like a rose instead of a real rose!!!

    • Dakota Miyamoto

      Eh, I only paid one gil for a flower, best price I ever got

  • Another Loser

    And Farron’s doing no favors for his species when he’s freely seizing other’s sandwiches, anti-rodentites tend to latch on that sort of thing.

    • Phuufy

      He’s kind of adopted the title after being called it all his life and not knowing any other way to live. However, the people in panel 5 are just being assholes too.

      • Another Loser

        Of course they’re assholes, they’re pandas! Nothing but a bunch of bamboo munching loafers who wouldn’t hesitate to eat a baby if they could catch ’em.

        • Gravedigger

          what about the one that does kung-fu???????

          • Victor Masi

            the panda?

          • Gravedigger

            yeah the one from that movie voiced by Jack Black

          • Another Loser

            He wasn’t raised by pandas, so he turned out fine.

          • Victor Masi

            yes….he was raised by a duck.

          • Another Loser

            Fact: Rape is so common among ducks, that female ducks have actually evolved false openings inside of their reproductive organs to prevent non-consensual impregnation.

          • Victor Masi

            …..wait, ducks are rapists?

          • Another Loser

            Yup, ducks have a literal, engrained rape culture.

        • Victor Masi

          “He called me VERMIN!!! and she called me RODENT!!! Let’s see if you can laugh with five or six good shots in your freakin’ face!!!”

          • Random Wolfgirl

            You…just HAD to quote that, right? XD

          • Victor Masi

            who wouldn’t? Rocket’s awesome!!!

          • Random Wolfgirl

            ‘Dats true!’

  • “Only two copper? Here’s 2 silver coins.”
    Or at least something along those lines is what I think will happen.

    • Gravedigger

      two bits

    • Anonymous K

      We’ll it depends on the conversion rates but still I hope he buys all the flowers. 🙂

  • Majinkoba

    Probably not the kind of diseases your thinking of ladies…

  • Silvermain

    I know that Farron can’t be all Douche…I’m betting he’s gonna buy the whole bunch. Probably throw them away after but still.

    • Mr. Misfit

      Prepare to lose your money, good sir.

      • Mafoc

        He’ll buy 0-2 flowers imo.

  • Alex Smith

    Aw Rats!

    I mean…. Awww, rats.

    • Victor Masi

      is that a Simpsons reference?

      • Alex Smith

        If it is, it’s not on purpose. I never watch the Simpsons.

  • Gates

    Some serious character building going on here. Going to go finish my time machine to see what happens next.

  • Corey M

    Okay, we all know that what happens in the next scene WILL MAKE OR BREAK FARRON, right? Unless that little girl is actually trying to con him, there is NO reason for him to act negatively. Even IF she were, there’d still be a limit to what negative actions would be acceptable. So I just hope he’ll be on his best behavior.

    • Valkeiper2012

      Oh, Farron does have a ‘best behavior’ mode. Whether that mode qualifies as ‘good’ to anybody else is yet to be seen (outside of combat).

      I predict a very negative response from Farron to the girl.

      • Phuufy

        Why would you think that? Look I know he’s done a few questionable things, but it’s not like we are showing him kicking babies or something. Hell, he even charitably provided shelter,food and medicine to the trio of girls and escorted them back to town.

  • RastaMV

    Storing sandwiches in a cauldron? WITCHCRAFT!!

    • Mr. Misfit

      Way back when, food was carried in kettles all the time. Hell, a certain clan of hillbillies did it.

      • RastaMV

        I never realized how “high-tech” Picnic baskets were I guess. =P

  • Victor Masi

    why do I feel something like this is gonna happen?:….and good god, I miss Tony Jay

  • Lord Pyralis

    That kid will either get something really good or something really bad.

  • Gravedigger

    even though he does look a bit like a hobo, I feel like kicking the dad/douche in the crotch and forcing the girls to wear the ugliest outfits imaginable

  • Gravedigger

    wait second, isn’t the girls line supposed to be one instead of on???

    • Mr. Misfit

      Ha, nice catch!

      • Phuufy

        Typo has been fixed.

      • Gravedigger


  • somebodywhoknowsthings

    is it just me or is that Tifa Lockhart in panel 5?

    • Mr. Misfit

      Hair’s right; look’s right; the, er, *ahem* body’s right; clothes, not quite but close…


      …Tifa-like cat?

      • Edge Knight

        holy crap he’s right it is tifa!!!!!!!

    • Gravedigger


      • Victor Masi

        you know, tifa, man. Legendary kitty cat? guuuys? forget it.

      • BlackWind

        Ever played final fantasy 7? She is from there very popular character man

        • Gravedigger

          unless I can something I probably havnt played it

      • somebodywhoknowsthings

        one of the main characters from Final Fantasy 7. The funny thing is, there was another Final Fantasy 7 look alike on page 56, on the bottom left there is a (fox?) girl with a red and pink outfit and a braid, this is a possible reference to Aerith Gainsborough

  • Lee Mellows

    Typo Alert! Should be ‘One’ in panel 5, not ‘on’ in the line about hobos.

    • Phuufy


  • Anomaly

    I spy a Tifa Lockhart reference in the fifth panel.

  • Zarylo

    My father instincts kick in big time.

  • I wanna appear (or teleport) personally in panel 5 to 7 to do many things:
    *Say to those people’s faces to never judge a person (animal or thing) by how they (or it) look and destroy their houses, because I tend to do crap like that.

    *Then give the little girl some gold, and tell her to do buy some clothes, and go to the nearest library, to study, because in reality, you can’t make it that far in life without learning.

  • Shadowkey392

    Come on Farron, give the kid two coppers (or something of value) for a flower. Come on, prove you’ve still got a heart !

  • Alex Dixon

    Damn…at least we know he’s a bit of a good guy.

  • such a cute little girl, I do not want to know why she is covered in bruises and dirt, because it will likely make me rather sad…hate that there are people that are homeless or jobless, just makes me sad to think about it. I know I have it rough sometimes, but it pains me to think that there are so many others out there worse off than I. just sucks to know that this is the case so prevalently in life!
    personally, If I were farron, I’d buy the whole bunch of flowers, and pay 2 gold for the bunch, as opposed to 2 copper each, you know, to give her a sort of boost in morale and hope.

  • on another note: such beautiful ladies in this page…I’m liking it! I’m liking it a lot!

    • Mafoc

      Flora tell Tom to hurry up and post the next page. >.<

    • James-Polymer

      Hehehehe….so Flora likes ladies, eh? 😉
      *Sound of 1,000 fanfics uploading*

      • uhm…given that flora legacy’s role player is a guy, yes, very much so!

  • AnonAnon

    Aw, why ya gotta steal from the cute fox girl, that aside I’ve added 2 b*tches to the “Cut List” and a house to the “Burn” list.

    Hope he either buys from the poor kid or does something generous, but its Farron so he may be kind of a d*ck before being nice, hard to say.

  • Joe Caswell

    the feels you made me feel are not overly good feels… please no more bad feels :'( i want to protect the poor girl selling flowers :'(

  • Saberphoenix

    yous better buy a flower :}

  • Ookami Savage

    I suspect a bond will form between Farron and the little girl. Such as a Mentor and apprentice relationship

  • Failedlegend

    Unless she’s just a girl in costume I’m sure Farron will help

    That said come on Skidd/Phuffy your gonna make me cry….so many FF7 references….Aerith No, why :*(

  • Timecapsule13

    Here better buy all the flowers!!!!! No heartless or I comin after ’em with my bi’ rifle.

  • Timecapsule13

    Hey, whats in the pot now, judging by her face its something embarrassing,

  • cr1ms0n t1ger

    “Would you like to buy a flower..? They’re only 2 copper a peace?”

    >Do I look like someone who wants flowers?!

    >F*** OFF!

    >Sure (steals flowers from the little girl)

    >>(gives her a cold look, then just continues by)

    Paragon options not available. To make them available, you must purchase the “Farron gives a f***” DLC.

    The DLC cost 20$ +15$, just cause.

    Sincerely, EAs professional team of money counters.

    • Timecapsule13

      lol, by the by, EA was not always bad, one of their hockey games had a cheat code that when entered gave you a bikini girls hockey team.

      • Mr. Misfit

        Nah, EA’s still evil.
        The bikini babes hockey team? Put there as extra filler by devs. Who get payed so little under the EA flag…

  • Jagmaster69


  • Jagmaster69

    wait… wtf these look like regular people. WTF HAPPENED TO QUESTING AND ADVENTURING? Is this in a rural area???

    • Phuufy

      Not everyone is a an adventurer, they pointed this out in a previous page. Going out adventuring or doing quests is very risky — so most people retain to villages/cities where the guard protects them from monsters and bandits and such.

    • Mr. Misfit

      They’re only NPCs, man. All adventures have them. If they didn’t, why would heroes fight and adventure for?

      • Jagmaster69

        Oh like in POKEMON?

  • Adrian Burnham

    What animal is the little girl supposed to be? I can’t tell.

    • Mr. Misfit

      Goat, I think…
      Possibly brahmin?
      Or purple antelope…
      One of these, it has to be.

    • cr1ms0n t1ger

      She resembles Milo from the bonus comic “Milo’s mark”. I think she’s a Dahaki

      • Phuufy

        She is indeed a Dahaki — they are a dragon-race.

        • ok, the fact that you put in a dragon race……….win…pure win nothing else… I did not expect there to be a dragon race in this one. here I was thinking that would be something only to be seen in the milo’s mark side comic. given that that one has been put on hold for the time being it seems, this just made my night! THANK YOU!

  • brodude

    ignore those guys man , you dont need them you stronger than man, dont let them bring you down.

  • Sartharina

    This is why you don’t carry your lunch in a cauldron.

  • Sheela

    He’s gonna get some flowers and pay with the stolen sandwich, isn’t he ?

  • ACSB

    Lemme guess: Farron is a total douche in the next page. XD

    • BladeWolves

      Thankfully not…

  • Lucius Appaloosius

    What do you use that’s Sciency and shiny,
    Drains a lot of power, warps the DNA?
    What do you use for zapping all the newbies,
    For the perfect Mutant Ray?
    The Laser……… the Laser!
    Traditiooooon…. TRADITION! 7@=Q