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Ask the UberCast!
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  • SergeantBuck

    Well…that escalated quickly.

    • Shadowkey392

      Took the words right outta my mouth.

    • Victor Masi

      yes they did, Mr. burgundy…yes they did.

  • deathknight

    If he does hunt her down…he’s fair game

    • Not Resgitered Guest

      Technically, Kibbles IS a threat to society.

      • Gravedigger

        that is probably the most original name

  • Night-X

    Was hoping to see her upgrade sword in use. Now have to wait!

    • AnonAnon

      Same here, I expect them to all die horribly or get over it.

      • Gravedigger

        ill make sure they due

  • Shinigami65

    You bastard, how dare you to hit little Kibbles. She’s just an apprentice, “and maybe just turn your brother into a pile o ashes”, but there was a lot of pressure on her that time.

    • AnonAnon

      I’m glad someone else noticed she was pretty dang nervous, I think anyone would be a tad nervous when 3 guys in a bar surround you.

    • Borderwolf

      No, I think his brother was complimenting Kibbles on how beautiful and she got her spells mixed up

  • RastaMV

    Relax man , your brother will probably respawn in 10 to 30 days tops!

  • Cory Tenorio

    Only a coward strikes a woman!!

    • ACSB

      no, a coward is afraid to. a superjerk punches innocent ladies.

  • Flame-LoneWolf

    Youch. Sure, Kibbles didn’t mean it, but she did kill his brother. Accident or not, it’s still death… Still, ouch.

  • Victor Masi

    To panel 3 I say this:……JJJJJJEEEEEEEEEESUS!!!!!

  • Gaboris

    Good LORD this turned darker then I have expected. O_O

    Looking back at the beginning I now remember that the third guy was indeed incinerated. But if that happened yesterday then what are these guys doing enjoying their time? Okay they have healing spells for those burns, but shouldn’t they be at least mourning their lost friend or something? And don’t give me the “everyone takes it differently” line cuz that doesn’t apply if it only happened half a day ago. 😛

    • Sartharina

      They’re probably drunk now. And yes, people DO take it ‘differently’ even after less than a day – My cousin was killed in a hunting accident a few months ago (Has it been that long already? It feels like it was just yesterday…), and I was in the bar with my friends as normal throughout the week – I just had something else to talk about, but there wasn’t really a lot to say, and it wasn’t worth dwelling on anyway.

  • LetsBananas

    Can I just say I really like that there is a horse anthro here. Nobody ever attempts them. Good job on that, guys. Also, this turned dark indeed. Yes, a guy died, and that’s bad. We all know that Kibbles is going to takes a serious blow from this and beat herself up about it a LOT. It obviously didn’t turn out well for either Kibbles or Garret.

    • Phuufy

      The InnKeep and Bouncer are both horses actually! :3

      • LetsBananas

        Oh, I was wondering about him! He seemed like a horse but I think the hair colour swayed me towards another animal. I really love how you draw them, though. No exaggerated features that differ from the other characters. :3

    • Victor B

      Check out Bara

  • Jagmaster69

    I will rip his dick off.

    • Gravedigger

      I say we round up a posse and hang him by it

      • Jagmaster69


    • ACSB

      now thats a bit extreme. his brother got killed, and he doesn’t think it was an accident. he has a good reason to punch kibbles, if you’re seeing through his eyes.

      • Jagmaster69

        well you see…………………………………………………………………. yeah cant argue with that. however,…… can i at least circumsize him?

  • Gravedigger

    Kibbles should change her profession to magician, cause she just made a guard appear

  • Victor B

    Actually, the hero I normally design is a Rogue class who has healing abilities. He is a mixture of Kibbles and Sesame in the sense that if he were to find out he did something like Kibbles did, he’d let them beat him up to a pulp, using his healing power to keep him from dying. And if he found out Kibbles did it, he’d offer himself in her stead.

    So I can really relate to this comic. Well done.

  • Ángel Povedano

    I gotta admit, up to now I wasn’t sure what to think about your comic… But this… This part was brilliant!
    Congrats Skidd! You got me hooked!

  • ‘merican Eagle

    I went back to the third page to see if the guy actually died…And you can see him becoming a pile of ash…Man that was sad.

    Kibbles you’re a bitch! We love you! <3

  • Pillbug

    I had to go to page 3 to check what happened to his brother. Now let’s hope he had phoenix genes or something similar

  • ACSB

    reminds me of tom and jerry somehow…

  • Valkeiper2012

    Why doesn’t it surprise me that the male herbivores are multiples in size to the carnivores, omnivores, and female herbivores?

    Think about it. Mason is a gentle giant, but he is LARGE and an elk. This guard is of equine bent and he is LARGE. The madam was a rabbit and she was not LARGE, but she is female, while this guard and Mason are both male.

    It is true we have a very small selection here, mostly chosen for their role (Mason=blacksmith and the guard=well, a guard), but we haven’t seen many herbivores and quite a few carnivores and omnivores.

    • Phuufy

      The Innkeep is also a horse, the guard is modeled after the breed Clydesdale. However certain characters should be relatively smaller considering their species. Claire, a fennec fox is easily smaller IRL then your typical dog or even cat (but she towers over Sesame and Kibbles) the same can be said for Farron who is a rat but is quite a tall man himself — being second only to Mason in height. (Claire is 6’0″, Farron 6’4″ and Mason is 6’9″ but 7’0″ if you count his antlers)

      I do sometimes account their real life animals they are based on to their designs.. but relatively speaking Fera and whatever ‘animal’ they happen to be are merely racial traits and not because they are an entirely different species.

  • Gravedigger

    if the bodyguard had a beard and gold chain he could be Mr.T

  • Dakota Miyamoto

    he hit Kibbles… *Grabs my sword* anyone comin’ with me?

    • somebodywhoknowsthings

      I am, and to quote Joe Swanson “Let’s waste this dick.”

  • Bye bye Garrett Force!– I mean, Guild Bros!
    Don’t come back every other two towns visited! 😀

  • Timecapsule13

    Ahhh, poor girl, its always sad the first time you realize you killed someone, especially when its by accident.

  • Failedlegend

    Sooooo….no phoenix downs in this world than?

    NVM: Read further down, thanks for clarifying Skid….I need to read the comments more often

  • AnonAnon


  • Regulos14

    Now he’s going to have to leave them unsupervised again to go get more paint.

    • Borderwolf

      Of course he will ask Tina’s mom to tie up Tina and Yuki to make sure they don’t make more of a mess.

  • knite

    Still think these painting pages need some color

  • slapperpow7


  • MrAMP

    Technically speaking, that big button is a combination of dark gray and black. It is in no color of the word red. Not even in the slightest sense. XD

    No but in all due seriousness, I must say I got a kick over this entire page mostly due in part to the following three items:

    1. I don’t know if it was intentional or not, but if you look at Yuki’s outfit and the missile opening in the robot, the chest clothing style kind of matches.

    2. The fact Tina’s mom knows it’s a bad idea to leave those two alone is heighten with that water drop mark right below her right ear. And Ron’s naivety in all this only strengthens my opinion of what’s going to happen to him next. He’s going to get painted on.

    3. The paint tornado at the end. Although, I’m trying to figure out if Tina is trying to help Yuki make a mess at this point or if she’s trying to hit her with all that paint.

  • dtlux14

    They’re making a mess of things. Don’t leave cats alone with paint, bad things will happen.