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Ask the UberCast!
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  • SFCGator

    “This thing ought to have a few bullets left…” !?? Seriously? Who finds themselves out in the dark, scary, dangerous woods, in a survival type situation, having already been attacked by all sorts of nasties, and doesn’t keep their weapon in a well maintained condition and know exactly how much ammo is left? Claire I guess. Def a nonsurvivor type.

    • The_Ninjaneer

      not sure maybe she built it, seems like they are in a pre firearms era

      • LifeWulf

        I think Mason’s “don’t wing suh-*shooting!*” means that they know what guns are and what they do. Firearms probably aren’t that prolific, but they’re probably around.

      • Phuufy

        She bought the firearm from Farron earlier in the comic. UberQuest has steam-punk tech, there are flying airships.

  • Tim Kojack

    Oh no.. It feels like she’s going to shoot his eye out. Farron really would need that eye he pilfered in the most moral way. The eye will blackmail him to stay the heroes course. But with extra nightmares on top what Farron already gets. This *might also uncover his backstab money to Sesame along the way. At least during the better moments he will be akin to Pegasus from Ya Gay Ho. I like seeing thieves being crippled. I like seeing thieves beg. I like seeing thieves turned into slaves. I’m moral like that.

  • Okamiwolf543

    Where’s TFS Alucard when you need him? Oh well, I’m going for a walk, and probably find a homicidal vampire priest that has a big-tittied police girl hostage. Then I have to kill the vampire by shooting through the police girl. Then I have to turn her into a vampire because she has nice tits.

  • leeroy67

    And then Kibbles fire magic suddenly explodes and the entire cavern is covered in flames.

  • Welsh Rat

    Bullets versus Carapace armour. This is NOT a good idea.

  • Cory Tenorio

    He’s calling HER rude?

    • James-Polymer

      Well, he’s a master at the art, so it figures he’s also an authority on recognizing it in others. Also, he has double Enzio blades, so I’ll let it pass. =3

  • James-Polymer

    Wait, I thought Claire’s gun was a single-shot muzzle-loader. O_o
    No disrespect to the artist, but it looks almost exactly like the 19th Century dueling pistol I have on my mantle. (Except, cleaner. *Much* cleaner.)

    • Alex Smith

      There’s a different gun in the picture at the top in the banner. That one almost looks like a revolver, which she could have brought with her? I don’t think I’ve payed attention to the guns available in this world.

      • James-Polymer

        It could also be a transition period for technology; like, revolvers are just coming into fashion, and only wealthy and/or urban people have ready access to them. Everyone else has plain-Jane, inexpensive single- or double-barreled pistols. Heck, for all we know Claire is the one responsible for the technological revolution in this world. *shrug*

  • Rateus

    Winging it old school!