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Ask the UberCast!
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  • Bottas Heimfe (Dovahkitty)

    Kobolds are clearly idiots. to be honest they kind of remind me of cyclopian goblins… too stupid and aggressive to do civilization, but smart enough to make and use tools

    • Jahmir White

      They may be sentient but primitive Creatures that are trying to be highly terrorital.


    sorry but i had to do it! XD

  • HUNRonin


  • JohnZScott

    This has been another Sesame badass moment! That’s a flying dragon kick that would make Bruce Lee proud. “Not again?” I wonder if these are the same kobolds that attacked Proto and his Steve army? Either way, no one eats my foxy waifu!

  • Okamiwolf543

    “Let friend go! This Kobold territory!”
    And your mom’s MY territory and she has much better looks than you did!

  • binnoc9

    Looks like Sesame gave that kobold a taste of sole food (with her boot). Bon appetit

  • Jesse Wise

    The dialogue in the 4th panel makes me think that Mason’s voice actually sounds like Morty. Throw in some belching, and Farron could conceivably sound like Rick Sanchez. How’s that for a mind-blower?

    • John Belrose

      Maybe Morty with a deeper voice?

    • James-Polymer

      Oh Lord, now I can’t un-see…or, is it un-hear?…it. You’re lucky I like that show. XP

    • Icecreep109

      I hear it and I will never unhear it. Damn you…

  • tych

    Is it weird I am starting to feel bad for the Kobolds? just asking don’t need a answer but would be appreciated though

  • Cory Tenorio

    Take their candles as punishment!!

  • Rateus

    It’s great having friends you can rely on. Well one friend. Pitch in any time you like the rest of you.

  • James-Polymer

    I’m rather disappointed at your choice of onomatopoeia in panel 3. Would have added another layer to the page title. =/

  • The_Ninjaneer

    ´Ive had enough of theese mother effing snakes on…..oh wait wrong story XD

  • Argent

    I… legit feel bad for that kobold right now.

  • leeroy67

    Anyone else wonder if these are the kobolds that attacked Proto and the mandrakes? The whole “not again… furfaces always taking our food” seems remarkably similar to what their memories of Winsley, a furfaced rabbit, chasing them away from their meal of Proto and the Steves would be…