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Ask the UberCast!
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  • Majinkoba

    Audience: *gasp at realization big bird was a mommy*, *awww at realizing they going to eat her babies too*

    • Michael Alvarez

      El gasp at the typos though. *Inner Grammar Nazi rage!*
      But aww, definitely went the Shrek route. Accidentally pop a bird, eat the eggs.
      Eat the bird and its eggs.

      • James-Polymer

        In this case it was more “shank a bird.” And good thing, too; can you imagine the mess that thing would make if it exploded? O.O

  • Rateus

    “naked with a mouth full” nice euphemism Faron.

    Those eggs might already have embryos in them though. Eww…

    I don’t think Faron’s telling the truth about that conversation, which comes as no surprise.

    • Hfar

      What, you never had griffon balut before?

      • Rateus


  • nightarix

    i get the feeling they’re gonna get 3 meals out of that nest, because if the Bird she took down was the mother, and the eggs were fertilized, where’s the father?

    • Stephen Gilberg

      Might be a species prone to fathers who don’t stay involved after the siring.

  • Cory Tenorio

    A nest usually indicates a mate. So where’s the daddy?

    • JohnZScott

      It’s possible it reproduces asexually. It had two heads, I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if that were the case!

  • Alex Smith

    So, was that the mommy AND the daddy bird?