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Ask the UberCast!
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  • Jack Mcslay

    One does not simply walk into Fanfolia, so we shall form the Fellowship of the Eye

  • Timecapsule13

    Okay… so apparently its not too uncommon for some deivons to attach to what should be prey…. this is that Parasite Anime in a nutshell… Im calling it, Parasite copied this… (ps, I know the manga came first but its a joke)

  • Memory

    Screaming internally. And soon to be externally!

  • Avantel

    Um, forgive me if I’m missing something really obvious, but who is she (the one who walked in)?

    • Zarylo

      Jane, according to the description above.

    • Avencri

      That is the Green Queen. She has showed up a bit before but never interacting with the main cast. Alex was talking about her when she took Mayte to the taxi trip and when they met the Silentman.

  • mmmm, I love the blood oozing out of Sesame’s arm in the second panel, so detailed *v* I really like Farron’s dialogue on this page, too!

  • DeltaOblivion

    I wonder how they’ll haul that meal back to the others. If Farron’s pet is doing the heavy lifting since Sesame is hurt and all; Farron is clearly not the type to workout (Obviously), what are the chances it won’t gobble that bird up for itself?

    • TaloneDrake

      D00d have you seen the size of that bag? He lifts, bruh.

      • DeltaOblivion

        Judging by your comment to Skidd, I bet you don’t know the secret of Farron’s bag. Check Page 118.

        • TaloneDrake

          Oh cripes, did not notice that correctly the first time. My bad!

          • DeltaOblivion

            No worries, it happens even to the best of us. What worries me if Farron is going to have Scrab to lug the food, I think Scrab will eat the bird for itself. Which means that Sesame almost died for nothing.

          • Sivitri

            Nah, Scrab ate not long ago. Only a day or so has passed since Scrab spit out the arm of that guard, I think.

  • TaloneDrake

    Just started reading the comic the other day! Don’t know why I held off on it lmao. Great work so far, Skidd!

    • Phuufy

      Thank you so much! We’re so happy to hear you’re enjoying it 😀

  • Rateus

    Farron’s about to be actually useful, wonders never cease! Where’s Kibs healing skills when you need her?

  • HUNRonin


    • Basti K.

      Heh Linkin Par Bleed it out xD

  • Facade Kitsune

    no question about “that killing blow” that occurred right in front of him?

    • Gotch

      I think that eyeballs show made it easier to swallow

  • For someone who can break peoples arms and kick a timemachine across the fucking country with ease, she really had some problems beating that Chicken-Monster. But hey, not everybody can have the rage of Sparta… :3

    • James-Polymer

      To be fair, her target in the first instance was just a small child, and the time machine wasn’t fighting back. 😉

  • Rateus

    I’m assuming that Shortstack is an abbreviation of short and stacked in this case. It says something about the severity of Sesame’s condition that she’s not pummeling for using that nickname.

  • Shadowkey392

    I got nothing. This is just too good.