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Ask the UberCast!
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  • neksuscat .

    “Hey Phil, do you want me to take them both?!”
    “Of course I want you to take them both! What good it’ll do me to have only one?!”

  • codebracker

    You’d think the other head would at least feel pain or something

    • Stephen Gilberg

      It’s certainly distressed. I could even believe it was about to die from the same blow, except that we’d be deprived of the forecast action.

  • Welp, that was a hellova kick if you ask me… Poor birb that’s left

  • subterror227

    I feel more sorry for the monster >>

  • Shadow Ph0eniX

    This is really getting good!

  • Tallon-1

    chuck only needs to kill one

  • brant drake

    She took one out with a kick to the head then she worries about not bringing her sword…..

  • Alex Smith

    You may have to kill both, but I have a feeling it’s at a serious disadvantage now.

  • Quix

    They looked more suprised to me then they seemed manising..Kind of wonder if she might of over reacted to a suprised animal just snapping as a warning..

  • Mrstealth1993

    Bloody hell, Sesame. Thats one heck of a kick.

  • Rateus


    It’s going to be easier to beat the remaining head now it’s dragging round the dead weight of the first one though surely?

    Looks like the gang are having roasted giant two headed turkey monster beast for dinner tonight.

  • Stephen Gilberg

    Then she discovers the nest of helpless babies nearby….

  • MrAMP

    I don’t know why, but the title of this reminded me of Roadhouse…

    All kidding aside, the dead head reminds me of Tintin with the eyes.

  • Shawn Bean

    I understand your desire to only publish completed work that lives up to your expectations, and I applaud it. But, it does sometimes look as though the comic has been abandoned, as a result. How about, instead of rough pencils or flats, just a quick filler sketch of one of the characters saying, “Sorry, gang, but we’re running a little behind, this week; a finished page will be up in a couple days”?