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Ask the UberCast!
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  • Regulos14

    Aww…in the 3rd panel it looked like she wanted to keep him as a pet but alas…

    • Avencri

      Would you?

      • Regulos14

        If he wasn’t able to eat my skin and there was some type of pet training center, then sure. 😛

      • bostonianful .

        oh god now who on earth would want to eat or even chew on that thing? ugh. also, doesn’t her snake form seem alot bigger than last time?

        • Avencri

          Gretta was big enough to break her nose with a punch. And Terato’s left hand is big enough to grab Alex by the head. I guess there might be some difference in size?

        • DarkMyste

          snake form?… she a water dragon..

  • OnyxLynx


  • Ferel

    I guess Maya’s not a picky eater.

    • Avencri

      Maybe Terato is like bubblegum. You chew and spit!

  • deathknight

    You know in the vore community they will be hoping she swallows or chews him up Xp

  • Vevans0009


  • Jerohan

    I thought I heard a disturbance in the force… as if all the vore fetishist in the world suddenly fapped at once… and then we’re silent.

  • DarkMyste

    Ladies first indeed,I just hope she’s immune to whatever diseases that thing had

  • Jaysteeny

    I imagine that if Terrato spoke whatever language Maya speaks, his last thoughts would be along the lines of “Oh no, not again.”
    If we could understand why he thought that, then we would know a lot more about the universe than we already do.

    • Jerohan

      We’d also know a lot more about potted petunias.

    • Avencri

      Terato’s real name is Agrajag! XD

  • Professor Fate

    Whoa! Our cute little Maytie’s a sea monster! I wonder if Tarato will give her indigestion? He doesn’t look terribly tasty; then again, sea monster’s aren’t known to be picky eaters.

  • Shadowkey392


  • ariedren

    This was the only thing on my mind after the second panel. I admit to being a terrible person.

    • Avencri

      Lol… well hamsters are never ending fluggy bags of eating. XD

  • DarkMyste

    remember maya do not swallow chew then spit like you do with bones

  • Bottas Heimfe (Dovahkitty)

    see that’s the thing about Homosexuals. they are just like heterosexuals with their relationships. THE ONLY FUCKING DIFFERENCE IS THE ORIFICE THE PENIS GOES INTO! no other difference. most homosexuals are indistinguishable from anyone else. if one of them dressed up in such a manner they would appear female, you wouldn’t even be able to tell you’re looking at a homosexual couple.

    • LifeWulf

      Well, heterosexuals can shove it in there too. I’d say the major difference is that heteros can procreate while homos can’t. That’s probably a major factor as to why homosexuality is/was shunned for so long, because you couldn’t “continue the bloodline”. It also doesn’t make sense from an evolutionary standpoint for that reason: can’t procreate, can’t further the survival of the species.

      That being said, yeah, homos and heteros both deal with complicated relationships. We’re all humans with our flawed emotions. No difference there!

    • Classy_Colibri

      Actually, many homosexuals are quite distinguishable from heterosexuals. Ever paid attention to the pitch and tone of their voice? A lot of them talk and act like women too. Many like to dress up neatly and take good care of their health and hygiene (tight, fashionable clothes, neatly trimmed hair,…) Their body language is just really recognizable too. But a man dressed up as a woman is still a man, you know. It’s not like they’re suddenly getting a change of chromosomes… And, as LifeWulf said, only one orifice for sexual pleasure and inability to procreate (nature never intended it to be that way, let’s just accept that, folks). I actually never understood how anal sex could be in any way pleasurable. Knowing it’s the hole intended for you to poop, it’s quite gross, come to think of it…

      • Chris Brune

        That’s actually stereotypying. Yes, several homosexuals act and speak that way, but not all of them. Take George Takei, one of the most famous homosexuals alive today. He actually has a relatively deep voice, and most of the time, he appears like any strait guy I’ve ever seen.

  • Majinkoba

    Ah so he actually did go through with the wedding then, I had wondered about that. I wonder if Marylyn still thinks nothing is amiss and is waiting for her busy soldier boy to return home? If so no wonder Kelly was wondering where the grandkids were.

  • JohnZScott

    Joel and Kylar are both so likable, and I want to see things work out for them even though the whole world is stacked against them. It’s understandable that Ky would want to keep his personal and professional lives separate, but not at the risk of hurting Joel. Balancing everything must be driving him bonkers. I guess we can only hope that when Prince Drayven becomes King he changes things so they can live without fear of being sent to the gallows. (Yes I’m betting on the Prince being a good guy!) Though now I wonder what Joel is thinking asking if Ky can do anything to stop Rourke’s execution?

    • Michael Thomas Alvarez

      He probably sees that Kylar’s torn up about his friend being on Death Row just because of who he is, and possibly wants to meet Rourke for himself, seeing as Kylar was ashamed of himself enough to hide knowing Rourke for so long, possibly even interrogate a little, but that’s doubtful.

      Or maybe Joel’s just trying to be a little sympathetic, maybe cheer Kylar up with the possibility of Rourke getting out of being executed, and/or propose a way for Kylar to help Rourke given his military status and fame.

      Either way, I think Joel’s simmered down, considering he’s just solemnly asking “Why..? I’m your boyfriend, we have to hide ourselves in plain sight and not give each other away… and we’ve been doing this for years.. you can’t tell me even this?” It’s a little hard to tell for sure.

  • DeltaOblivion

    Only a Judge or a Royal, huh? Only one Royal comes to mind and he’s friends with Kylar and is a new acquaintance to Joel…but I wonder…will they do it? Curiosity is knocking at my door. X3

  • cr1ms0n t1ger

    I’m not sure if it’s in the Prince’s best interest to save Kylar’s friend. He wants to win over the trust of his people. So, if he did absolve Rouke of his ‘crimes’, he would be doing a good, humane (so to speak) thing, but the people, who are already against such things, would turn against him. Sad truth is that by fighting for the rights of his people, Drayven may easily lose their loyalty.

    So, if we eliminate the royalty out of the equation, and we don’t know of any judge that could save him… that only leaves something a bit less than legal, anarchistic and, one might say, rebellious that could save Rouke…

  • MrAMP

    Okay, reading through all this, and even if Drayden could/would pardon these executions, what would they actually gain from living with the fact that everyone knows their secret lives? Outside of exile, they’ll face persecution on so many levels.

    And I must admit that these two have quite the interesting views on cheating and what not.

  • Alex Smith

    Finally telling some truths. Step in the right direction.

  • Stephen Gilberg

    What’s with Joel’s gloves? Or are they his bare hands with two colors?

    • Destry Soule

      im guessing they are half-gloves