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Ask the UberCast!
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  • Regulos14

    I think she should call Tina, mom. XD

  • Jack Mcslay

    Tina×Sitala shonen ai incoming

    • jrh150482

      Two things:

      1. If it’s between girls, it’s called ‘shoujo ai’, not ‘shounen ai’.

      2. I don’t think so, Tim.

  • Jawara Pittman

    There we have it.

    At least, Sitala knows that much.

    • Renadt

      Actually, there are two separate groups. Group A has all of the women that the Chief has slept with, while Group B has all of Sitala’s friends in it. Tina belongs in Group A, but Group B does not have Tina in it.

  • MrAMP

    :squintSnowman: Was Tina really that–

    *Reminds back at the Honey Pot.* :grinTinaW:

    :pointsSnowman: Never mind.

    But in all due seriousness, I too am rather surprised that Sitalia didn’t clobber Tina right there and then unless she’s waiting later to do so. Also, I must confess that’s a real touching moment there. Well, until Tina went there with the whole mom comment. :gleeTinaW:

  • JohnnyCindahouse .

    That’s not mustard on your bedsheets…!

    • Avencri

      It was, i found one of those mustard packages you get from restaurants tore open on the kitchen.

      • Conquest

        So your cat basically grabed a restorant mustard package went to your bed and proceded to get carve it open?. HA!

      • JohnnyCindahouse .

        That was a joke. I was implying that it was pee. And now I fell silly.

  • Renadt

    Actually, Sitala is right. She said her dad had a habit of sleeping with her friends. She never said Tina was one of her friends, only a woman her father slept with. Two categories.

  • Shadowkey392

    Aaaaaand me thinks a new bridge foundation has just been burned!

  • marzio bergagna

    Call me MOM… ??? Tina, you have a really bad taste, I wouldn’t surprise me at all if Sitala will give you a lesson at the injun style XD

  • cr1ms0n t1ger

    We all know the rules: if you interrupt cute furry yaoi, you are automatically required to partake in it. No exceptions.

  • Victor Masi

    Well… would be a good time for Sesame to come in and kick some Iron Ward keister

  • Majinkoba

    There it is 🙂

  • BOX_OF_ R0X

    Farron should just use this as a bargaining tool to get info.

  • MrAMP

    ON SNAP! I never saw Farron freak out like that. I was originally going to make a joke about the Love Boat/Ship, but something tells me that Farron is having a flashback to his childhood…as if something bad happened to him in his past either physically (abuse) or mentally (walking in on someone).

    • cr1ms0n t1ger

      And now that you’ve said that make me think that my previous comment was insensitive to the big-ol’ rat.

      He needs a hug…

  • Theobservantwolf

    Can’t quite tell what it says in the tiny note… Ah, “Naked Butt” Nice! XD

    • Phuufy

      Whoopsie, that was meant to be removed.. will fix

      • Theobservantwolf

        Oh? I actually enjoyed it, like it was being pointed out just how much of an eyeful he was getting! XD
        Also, I may regret this later but I came up with something for Farron’s memory panel- If the ship-in-a-bottle ‘s rockin’, don’t skip knockin’!
        Hopefully he wouldn’t stab me for making light of a clearly traumatic memory…

  • Mrstealth1993

    Seems like Farron just remembered something he didn’t want to remember.

  • Phuufy

    Why is it everytime we introduce a gay couple people try so hard to presume it’s hetero? Same thing happened with Kylar/Joel, everyone was presuming they were trans-women or Kylar was female simply cuz he had long hair..ect. It’s the Katbox, we can’t have actual penises swinging in the panels you know.

  • Alex Smith

    Plan failed, abort! abort!

  • Andrew Wester

    I was slightly confused about if this was hetero or homosexual relationship. In the previous comic, when the shirt was being pulled off, I thought the waist line looked more feminine

    • Phuufy

      Well, its not intentionally meant to look super feminine. As stated in previous pages, the mouse’s name is Leroy and the rabbit is Rowan, they are “The Guild “Bros” and appeared as early as page 2-3. You can check the cast page for more info.

      Also any female characters will have pretty obvious boobs/hips unless they are underage like Raziel. I don’t think we have any adult women that are completely flat chested in the story, even Sesame gets a bit of grace there.

  • HUNRonin

    … intriguing…

    • Brett

      Yet highly disturbing

      • cr1ms0n t1ger

        They feels so GLORIOUS upon my sweet ass! Watch.

        • Chris Brune

          Gamer poop is so wierd.. wierdly addictive, that is.

      • HUNRonin

        Yep. Traumatic flashbacks trigered by the sight of manseX? The implications are numerous and unnerving.

  • Skidddog

    People can imagine what they want I guess, That doesn’t change what actually IS in the comic. I know some people like yourself only care to look at the pretty pictures and imagine they’re fantasies coming true, but the least you could do is get Valmont’s right, learn what Shota means, and not be rude.

  • RakausTheWolf

    awwww woulda liked more yaoi… oh well…

    also i reckon farron was a sailor as a young boy and my theory is he probs was the target for *ahem, cough* a sexual outlet for the other sailors

  • Argent

    Uh-oh… Farron and Alucard apparently have a common childhood issue.

  • Dart Devious

    1. What is illegal? 2. Boat in a bottle?

    • James-Polymer

      1. If this world is anything like ours circa the Middle Ages, homosexuality and homosexual relationships are probably outlawed–with very harsh punishments if you’re caught. I think Kylar hinted at this during his first appearance; not sure exactly which comic, though.

      2. As for the ship in the bottle…I’ve seen what you have to go through to make one, and it would *easily* leave permanent scars. >_<

  • Shadowkey392

    Farron’s brain has crashed.

  • Kaleidascope

    what are the odds of being found performing acts of Furry Sin haha 1 in like 5 Gazillion.

  • Stephen Gilberg

    Sooner or later, every major character in this comic wins my pity.