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Ask the UberCast!
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  • Majinkoba

    Hmmm I wonder if Farron has actually seen other people eat them or if he is just going off his own experiences eating them. I’d say he could eat stuff others couldn’t and still not get sick….

  • HUNRonin

    Oooh, new font! It looks real nice, gives off a kind of fantasy vibe. And I gotta say, the forest background here looks stellar!

    • LifeWulf

      I think I actually preferred the old font, this looks more like somebody forgot to turn off the italics (not quite that extreme but it’s still too slanted for my tastes). But, whatever, if it was indeed intentional I can get used to it.

  • Cory Tenorio

    Heh heh. Sesame blushed.

  • MrAMP

    Okay, first off, that’s an interesting font style you picked there. I must confess that I rather enjoyed the original font, as this one looks rather italics. But hey, whatever works.

    I must give props to both of you though as the background is simply amazing. I almost didn’t catch the lizard and bird in the second panel there. In addition, I rather enjoy Sesame and Farron’s interactions here as it does show how these two get along like brothers and sisters would. Also, it does showcase Farron’s survival skills.

    Rock-Scar Rock-Scar said: ↑
    There’s no escaping fate, Sesame: you are destined to eat your greens. :blushSesame: :gleeFarron:
    I can foresee Sesame battling vegetable and fruit monsters. It’s bound to happen eventually.

  • BOX_OF_ R0X

    Farron’s actually correct, that is a pretty shitty deal. Farron for president 2016!

    • Gravedigger

      better than Trump

  • Alex Smith

    Watch out for that TREEEEEE!

    • Gravedigger

      dun dun Sesame of the jungle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kaeto

    Well if they need meat they could always eat Farron. (And there would be much rejoicing)

  • Dakota Miyamoto

    *Immediately takes it the wrong way*

  • Victor Masi

    (alah Uncle Iroh from Avatar) “Delicious berries….or deadly poison?”

  • Andrew Wester

    Those berries are what are used to make iocane powder. Fortunately for Farron, he had spent the last few years working up a resistance to iocane powder. End of Story. Thanks Skidd and Puufy

  • SteelWings

    Woo all caught up. What a great comic thus far.

  • Regulos14

    Mission Accomplished! 😛

  • Shadowkey392

    Self-sacrifice for the win! Also awwww!

  • asebw

    okay, maybe he isn’t the idiot i pegged him for . . . Way to play the long game.

  • Glenn Sellers

    I recently found this comic and I started reading it from the beginning. (The natural thing to do if you want to understand what’s going on, right? LOL.) Anyway, I noticed in your comment on Comic #131 that you did it for an assignment at SCAD. You went to the Savannah College of Art and Design? Wow! I live about 70 miles south of there. I’m always impressed when I see an artist who either lives near where I live or went to school near me. It just reminds me of what a small world we really live in.

    • Hehe, yes indeed I did! In fact, my other Katbox comic Peter & Whitney ( actually takes place at SCAD. Whitney and I both loved that school, and the city. Savannah is a beautiful place.

      • Glenn Sellers

        I’m glad you like(d) Savannah and you’re right. It’s a very beautiful city. I live in Brunswick (I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of it.). The old town part of Brunswick is as beautiful as Savannah. If I had been a better artist, I might have gone to SCAD myself. I like to say tht I can only draw stick figures and I don’t do them very well. LOL. I’ve met a woman who went to SCAD. (I just can’t remember her name. I just know that she’s an artist.)

        I’ve bookmarked “Peter & Whitney”. I’m going to read it as soon as I get caught up with where you are with “Peter & Company”. Right now, I’m only about 100 pages behind but, I’m reading 10 pages a day. So, I should be caught up soon. I look forward to seeing what happens to Peter after he graduates from high school.