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Ask the UberCast!
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  • deathknight

    And then he stole the food at the table put his elbows on the fine dining cloth and refused to wipe his feet. In all seriousness, the king is in a lot of trouble and may well die.

    • And no one will miss him until he proves that he isn’t much a douche bag than we all perceived him to be, of course pressuring a scribe to write your entire will in a day might not be the best method to prove that.

    • Borderwolf

      He also then leaned back in a chair and placed his feet on the table.

  • Victor Masi

    Benedict Cumberbatch as Valmont anyone? Or possibly Andy Serkis

    • Haven’t I already said that before, or maybe it was Mason for Benedict the Sherlock Guy.
      Then again though, he does make a compelling voice for Sauron :3

    • Shadowkey392

      I’d take either!

  • Jawara Pittman


  • Regulos14

    With all the Tweets and notices everywhere I can only assume Skidd and Phuffy are excited to finally reveal this character. 😛

  • Majinkoba

    Awwwww yeah, the true main character has arrived!

  • Jack Mcslay

    So, how long did he fondle himsef in that body before coming to the king?

  • JohnZScott

    Oh shit! I wasn’t expecting that, but YAY VALMONT!!! Dance (dark) Magic Dance!

  • Cory Tenorio

    Did a demon just hit on him?

  • HUNRonin

    Oh hey! It’s that guy we’ve been hearing all about! Gotta give it to him this was a prety good entrance.

  • Nighter3D

    OMG he has finally arrived. Only took him nearly 2 and a half years!!

    You know: as antagonists go he is kind of late to the party. luckily he is properly compensating through a very dramatic entrance.

    • Borderwolf

      Well at least he is no longer bored beyond belief by having to wait for his entrance.

  • Alex Smith

    So, did he copy her form? Or possess her? Is she ok?

    If ok, did he restrain her somewhere, so there was no chance both would arrive?

    • Possibly he was just feigning to appear as her in order to get in the castle.
      How his undead goons managed to get in without any of the guards seeing is beyond me.

      • Theobservantwolf

        Those goons were escorts for the ‘princess’ in the previous page.

        • Shadowkey392

          Were they? Or were they genuine palace guards guarding the dining room prior to this?

          • Theobservantwolf

            Depends on whether they could be killed and turned into skeletal revenants in so short a period.
            But i’m just observing the way it appears in the previous page, plus royalty would rarely go anywhere without their own loyal entourage, or at least token bodyguards.

          • Shadowkey392

            True, I suppose. But Valmont doesnt strike me as someone who would really need guards, given his apparent power. Besides, I think the idea that he can just turn the king’s men into…whatever those are, and use them against him, makes Valmont that much more badass.

          • Theobservantwolf

            There is that, but Valmont was posing as Lady Aradelle, who probably would have guards.
            Whether they were killed/turned/decayed on the spot or simply under a disguise, it is clear he is powerful, yes.
            Should be interesting times ahead!

          • Shadowkey392

            Aye! Im lookin’ forward to them!

          • Theobservantwolf

            Same here!

      • Shadowkey392

        Who says they were his undead goons before this page?

    • Shadowkey392

      Probably it was an illusion or magical disguise of some sort.

  • Valmont is literally batshit and might be crazy too xD

    On the plus side, if the king dies then his body will not only provide a good distraction for Drayven and his family to escape but we’ll also have one douche bag out of the way. I don’t care what kind of atrocities you might push with necromancy, Valmont, just kill the king we’ll be satisfied with your presence.

    And hopefully you’ll summon a tentacle monster 🙂

  • Franky

    In the words of Matt from The Zaibatsu Brothers,”Oh shit!”.

    • Borderwolf

      Hmmm, I was think of one of my own sayings, “Holy freaking llama spit!”

  • Victor Masi

    I honestly did not see this coming. Well done. You’re catching me by surprise like Game of Thrones season 6

    • jrh150482

      I don’t think anyone saw this coming.

      • Victor Masi

        Nor did I

      • Shadowkey392

        NOONE sees LORD VALMONT coming!!!

        • Victor Masi

          I literally did a spit take and pissed and shat myself!

          • The_Rippy_One

            *clean up to Masi residence. someone, please, clean up to Masi residence*

          • Shadowkey392

            Nice! I dont envy whoever has to do your laundry now, though.

          • Victor Masi

            I…I was actually joking when I said that……..That never really happened

          • Shadowkey392

            XD Yeah, I thought not.

  • codebracker

    I guess it’s a good thing he just wrote his will, does he have a seer?

  • Reeves

    NECROMANCER!!!!!!! In all honesty, necromancer’s and liches in mythology and lore have always interested me.

  • Teerack

    she hot

    • somebodywhoknowsthings

      Valmont is a guy

      • cr1ms0n t1ger

        *HE’s hot :3

  • FoxyLove

    Heh. Nice title. Reminds me of the song from Dead Island. Who do you Voodoo Bitch!

  • CT_Tornado

    Where can I find out who this bat guy is? Also, I’m thinking Fable 3 for the king.

  • Fargus Lien

    Necromancy!?!? Nice entrance there though even I got caught off guard.

  • Saphelle Iceheart

    OMMAYGAWD!! That bat guy(don’t remember his name) has Bill’s voice on my head