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Ask the UberCast!
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  • Jack Mcslay

    I like it, the king being as dickish as I imagine medieval kings were

  • neksuscat .

    Gosh, what a prick he is.. Kind of reminds me of my father.. -_-

  • Majinkoba

    *busts through wall* Joel!

    Uh oh gonna hear about your raccoon being off on a mission that the King didn’t authorize.

  • jrh150482

    Geez, King Alphonse, just keel over and die already!

  • Azazal Tokepi

    So THAT’S what Joel does.. Awsome! He looks so nerdy lol.
    P.s. when you zoom in, the Prince looks rather suspicious. . PLOT TWIST, HE KNOWS JOEL’S SECRET :O

    • MORE PLOT TWIST: The Prince is bisexual and in love with Joel too. >:3

      • Azazal Tokepi


  • Night-X

    That’s sad you’re a asshole and your kid is a brat. Starting to see a pattern with those two now.

    • LifeWulf

      Like father like son?

      • Night-X

        Lucky I didn’t turn out like some fathering parent of mine. He is a scamming dick after asking him for help to sell about $100 worth of old coins at coin shop where he used to live by. I sent the coins and never saw the money or return the coins that the store decline. Starting to understand why everyone liked me more then him now.

  • I’m just waiting for someone to pull some Assassin’s Creed shit on the king,
    yes, Fera might be in danger in terms political stances, but who the hell cares?
    Kill the king and burn him at the stake.

  • Cory Tenorio

    No pressure joe

  • Alex Smith

    Very interesting gloves Joel. Are they commonly worn by scribes? Maybe they keep your hand off the paper to prevent smudges? Do they have to be the same for both hands, or are you ambidextrous?

    • Neveko

      I actually didn’t notice the gloves. I imagine they’re for preventing smudging. He probably wears them on both hands because his boyfriend would hate to see some asymmetry in his love’s wardrobe. 😛

  • SFCGator

    What an asshat. The king seems to be channeling Hillary Clinton.

    • James-Polymer

      I don’t disagree, but I would *really* rather not see the comment section infested with political debates. That subject is like cancer for webcomic forums. =/

  • Franky

    Joel’s going to be executed for doing a job not up to the King’s expectations, isn’t he?

  • Shadowkey392

    Oh hi Joel. I was wondering when we’d be seeing you again.

  • cr1ms0n t1ger

    Adorkable otter ^~^

    Now… let’s hope the king isn’t enough of a douchebag to execute Joel for “not living up to his standa- Uh…

    Let’s hope the Prince would intervene to stop any wrongdoing his father will commit :3

    • Or better yet, an entire patrol squad of armored knights dog-pile (no puns there xD) the king.

  • FoxyLove

    Seems that the king has truly become a MegaDick!

    • James-Polymer

      He’s evolved from MegaJerkwad! /(*o*)

      • FoxyLove

        It is one thing to be hard to an unruly group of subjects, but another to be a tyrant. That is how revolutions get started and then the whole royal family gets slaughtered when it looks like the son is trying to do better than him.

        • James-Polymer

          You could say that hindsight is 20-20, but that’s consistently been the pattern for *centuries* (assuming the sociopolitical history of this universe is even tangentially like our own). It’s like when Hitler decided to invade Russia on the same calendar date as Napoleon; there are none so blind as those who will not see. =/

  • Reeves

    Don’t fret Joel, I’ve been in a similar situation. Just keep your head level and focus on the task at hand.

  • MrAMP

    Okay, not going to lie here folks, but I actually had no idea what bollocks meant as I never heard it before. Turns out it’s British for *censor* or a vulgar slang that is used to express contempt, annoyance, or defiance. This also inadvertently does answer my question in regards to the use of slang in Evyr. XD This is also the first time that I’ve seen Joel wear glasses in the present.

    Yeah, I noticed that too. If I were a betting man, I would have to say that Drayven may know about Kylar and Joel’s relationship (or may learn about it through the use of Kylar’s name during a conversation and gauging how Joel responds to it) and might blackmail him to “tamper” with the king’s documents. Either that or use his position in power to manipulate Joel to issue new documents. Or even more entertaininig…PLOT TWIST: The Prince has the hots for Joel.

    Hm…now that I’m looking at the second to last panel a little better, that is one really long table! I wonder if that’s why they have to shout so much. You know, for them to hear each other and not because they’re both being jerks. XD

      The Princess (look at her face) actually knows Joel and also wants to get it on with him.

  • Victor Masi

    Im still an art student, but i can certainly relate to your predicament skidd. There habmve been many times where i put myself down because i think my drawings look like crap

  • RakausTheWolf

    poor joel… Alphonse is a dick! but thats actually good for his character, no doubt that is exactly how kings would have acted in medieval times,