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Ask the UberCast!
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  • ShadowWolf120

    I wonder how his friends will react to his piano playing skills

  • Greynik

    With luck they will all wanna hear it, from personal experience about half will point, laugh and make fun of him while the other either has no idea how to react or encourages him to do it as much as he wants to. Personally i think he should go for it 😀

  • mastergodai


  • Ratz

    Awwww he is Ideed Talented.

  • Majinkoba

    Best page title to date

  • Summary of the whole endeavor:

  • ShadowWolf120

    proto looks like bmo

  • Borderwolf

    Hmmm, are my eyes deceiving me? Are those things a cyclops type creatures?

    • Victor Masi

      yes, and on the previous page it made me make a reference to Homer’s The Odyssey

  • MrAMP

    Tasty insides? Does that mean that he already licked Proto’s insides? Or is he referring to all the poor Steves that he ate?

  • Victor Masi

    Proto’s only hope: Winsley shows up and shouts in a booming voice “THE DAWN WILL TAKE YOU ALL!” and turns the monsters to stone.

  • Alex Smith

    I can’t tell them apart (sorry), which of the two mandrake eaters is going after Proto in the machine? The one that was just hit with taser? Or the other oblivious one? It would make sense for it to be the latter.

    Also, I called it, his defense proto-calls were indeed a taser.

    • Phuufy

      Its a different one then the one hit by the taser.. :3

  • somebodywhoknowsthings

    Well, that certainly was….shocking *gets shot*

  • Shadowkey392

    Knew it.

  • David Allen Ortega

    I have a feeling Klarie is going to have her time machine destroyed after this…

    • Valkeiper2012

      Time machine?
      It’s supposed to be a teleportation machine.
      Is everybody else now agreeing with the idea (which I expressed over a year ago) that Claire traveled in time, not space?

      • David Allen Ortega

        thank you for correcting me O3O

  • Proto is in dire need of a Deus ex machina!
    (Unless he has more tricks up his adorable little sleeves!)

    • Knowing Claire and her enthusiasm for building machines,
      it’s only a matter of time before Proto releases some sort of chainsaw-rocket-launcher-katana-revolver-lightsaber-laser-gun weapon.