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Ask the UberCast!
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  • neksuscat .

    He’s gonna be a REAL BOY! ^w^

  • Avantel

    I didn’t need adorable feels, why did you give me adorable feels? ;~; (in a strange combination of sad and awww-ing)

    • Victor Masi

      don’t forget fear. who knows what the next page me bring concerning the hungry beasts in the shadows.

  • cr1ms0n t1ger

    Well… there are two ways he could look like that.

    a) He’s an android. Very sophisticated, well built and fera-like on the exterior.

    b) 3D printing/growing an organic vessel and transferring his consciousness into it.

    Could be tricky either way…

    • JohnZScott

      My money is on the sophisticated android, it just seems more plausible.

    • Patrick Metzen

      Or you could do both and make a synth. Seems the easiest if you want him to really look like a real boy. Just have a metal frame with organic tissue attached to it and viola.

      • Shadowkey392

        That’s not a synth, that’s a Terminator!

    • somebodywhoknowsthings

      what about how they made those bodies in Avatar? I’d think Proto would like that because it would require DNA and the most likely source would be Claire, so Proto would have a body genetically similar to hers, just like how a mother and son share genetics, he couldn’t be happier.

      • Shadowkey392

        Not sure he’d want to be a girl. Also in Avatar, the minds controlling the Avatar bodies were never actually in them. They were remotely controlling them while remaining inside their original human bodies. And given that Proto’s mind is a computer, I don’t think that that idea would work out.

    • Shadowkey392

      My money’s on option 1. Option 2 would require an act of extreme super-science or magic in order to work, and I very much doubt that would work, since, as a machine with a computer for a brain, Proto doesn’t have a consciousness to be transferred. All in all, the whole advanced synthetic android body thing seems both a lot more plausible, and a lot more probable.

  • Alex Smith

    They seem to understand him, and are helping. I wonder if Proto understands their language?

    Also, do they have a name? Tiny leaf Fera?

    I’m guessing the hungry characters in the back are looking to munch on tiny leaf Fera. There’s no appeal to eating Proto, he’s all hard, and circuity.

    • Phuufy

      The creatures he is commanding are called mandrakes. 🙂

  • The_One_Guy

    Steve 4’s a trooper!

  • Catcoalatte

    Oh… Oh my heart. I didn’t need the feels okay? He… Sees himself as her kids? Really? It’s so… Cute!!!! I hope they find Proto soon! I’m imagining a tear jerking reunion.

    • On the other hand, I’m gonna have another type of jerking reunion ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

  • ac

    He has a mouth now! And so many troopers! <3

  • hamstap85

    Pinocchio trope, fulfilled!

  • Victor Masi

    (Proto to hungry creatures…ala James Spader): There are no strings on me!

    Then throw in this to seal the deal:

  • Stephen Gilberg

    Who’ll be playing one of the Pikmin games tonight?

  • Rateus

    Is that two scary silhouettes or 1 really wide thing with two heads. I’m not sure I want to find out either way… eek!

  • Tallon-1

    ;W; awwwww

  • Silvermain

    Dawwww. that shot of Proto in his ULTIMATE UPGRADE, holding Claire’s hand like he’s her son. It’s so freaking adorable.

  • Teerack

    The robot is so cute. Maybe you should do a story where he get destroyed but they are able to bring him back by turning him into more of a magical golem? So he’d fit in better. It could also make him more “alive”

  • GyrPhlymbabumble

    I love these Chugga references… Chugga made the best pikmin vids.

  • Saden Warner

    Is steve a chuggaconroy reference?

    • Skidddog

      Yes. That’s the reference. Good catch. :3

  • Borderwolf

    I hope Proto will be like R2-D2. If those creatures try to eat him, will simply spit him back out and mutter “bad taste.”

  • Once it happens, he’ll change his name to Protocchio!