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Ask the UberCast!
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  • Derrath

    Well, that was to be expected, since it was explained when Digit first appeared. Digit will develop based on Mora, as Ambar told us way back when.

  • cr1ms0n t1ger

    Well… at least it’s useful… I think…

    Odds of Kibbles being runaway nobility just spiked a bit more. :3

    • shadowthief2

      I doubt Kibbles is runaway nobility. “Duties” are things generally given to the peasant class so that nobles don’t have to… or the responsibilities of royalty. Nobles are generally lazy rich people with more than enough time for more scholarly pursuits, such as magic.

  • Alex Smith

    I wonder, is “this glorious beauty” better than having an uber around you neck?

  • Majinkoba

    Lucky Farron has that eye patch or I think that thing would have popped right out when Mason decked him. Also Kibbles back story hint!

    • James-Polymer

      …that would have been morbid, yet also hilarious. XD

  • cr1ms0n t1ger

    I wonder… What would happen if that eye and the Uber touched?

    • Majinkoba

      It depends, is the eye an Uber as well or just a valuable artifact. Hasn’t really been clarified but assuming that it is an Uber then it’s likely that it would have some sort of reaction depending upon their origin.

      If the Series name art is to be taken literally we know that eventually the eye will end up on Sesames sword attached to the hilt, in which case they would have to come into contact at some point in the future.

      • cr1ms0n t1ger

        Wait, what?

        *looks at the logo*

        Sweet. Herm-mother. Of. All. Things. Furry.

        Mind (and everything else)=Blown!

        • Victor Masi

          I’m with you on that (Jaw Drops on table)

  • This is a great setup, I really love the colours on this page! Kibbles’ face is so winsome in panel 3. :’> I hope we get to see Mason and Sesame reconcile soon enough — eh and Farron as well, haha.

  • Timecapsule13

    And now I have an idea for a rogue in d&d, thanks a lot… oy vey my party is gonna hate me.

  • Victor Masi

    Kibbles’ words resound heavily with insightful truth. color me impressed.

  • DarkMyste

    if it starts to catch on fire and move about i am going to be very very far away from the group.. no suron going to snack on my soul

  • HUNRonin

    Gotta say, with the scar and all, Faron looked prety metal there with that eye-jewel.

  • Tallon-1

    tadaaaaaaa! 😀

  • Catcoalatte

    Is it bad, I liked that jewel in his eye? Looked pretty awesome on Farron! And uh… Claire? You’re uh… scaring me a bit there…

    Awesome page as always! I can’t wait to see the true power of that jewel!

  • bladra

    “eye” see that is a interesting way to hide it

  • Caleb Delvalle

    I’ve always wonder how he only got one eye… well, thanks for these updates each week. I’m enjoying it so far. ;^)

  • Victor Masi

    wow…he truly is an expert at hiding valuable items. He should work for Han Solo…..oh god why did I just say that……oh the pain……I’m off to go cry in the corner now.

  • Eye see you.
    That is all.
    Also, creepy Clair is well… intimidating.

  • Mrstealth1993

    Well, that eye orb certainly looks familiar.

  • I didn’t even notice when it switched to active again. Only just thought to check again right at the end.
    So many comment opportunities missed. So many questions never asked…

    SO I suppose I could ask a few now:

    #1. How come Kibbles has such skinny arms / shoulders? They seem a bit inconsistent with the rest of her… um… magnitude.
    #2. Is Kylar’s father supposed to sound English too? I mean keeping in mind that there are no raccoons in Britain.
    #3. Why do most of the characters have exceedingly exaggerated secondary sexual characteristics?
    #4. Why is there a ton of click-bait link-images in the middle of the page?
    #5. Are we getting any Asexual representation? Sorry… just had to ask. Nobody loves us A’s.

    Thanks for the effort.


    • Phuufy

      Assuming this isn’t bait, I will try to answer you legitimately.

      1. Her arms aren’t skinny? We try to keep characters on model, but it varies from time to time. She is drawn thick enough for our tastes (see also, she is a cartoon dog person.)
      2. Because that’s what we wanted, yes Kylar’s family is “british” as is most of upper regions of Alder.This isn’t Earth though. (See also, fantasy.)
      3. I don’t understand, why do they have boobs? Or butts? The comic hasn’t been overtly sexual.
      4. Because the Katbox needs ad-revenue.
      5. As if a character’s sexual orientation (or lack thereof) is the most important aspect to them – which sorely misses the point of writing. We do actually have an asexual character in the story – but it’s hardly a focal point to their purpose in the story (as I assume it is for most asexuals.) We don’t really have a checklist of “quotas” to fill for the story – making characters merely for “representation purposes” is bad writing in general.

      I’m sure we put more effort into the story then you did these questions 🙂

      • Hey. =( … I had other questions briefly, but I forgot them because most of the comment system was locked down.
        I wasn’t baiting. This is me being super-polite. Super-nice. Super-trying-not-to-create-a-hate-riot. I was on a bit of a time-limit at the time though, since I was posting at work and probably shouldn’t have been.

        In anyway, for what it is worth (which is probably nothing), I’m kinda glad you’re not trying to fill quotas. There seems to be too much of that sorta stuff these days. And it always seems to lead to shoehorning people into particular relationships… which… I dunno… always seems sorta artificial and unnecessary from an outside perspective.

        The whole thing about secondary sexual characteristics though…. well, most of the females seem super-curvy in a decidedly “these are sexy parts” way (as opposed to the just-regular-fat way), and almost all of the males seem to be muscular and whatnot. It just kinda stands out as a bit conspicuous… but then what would I know? They’re all anthropomorphised animals, so maybe that is just normal for them? …. No clue. It just seems like the sort of thing that stands out and leaves me wondering if there is an actual reason for it (like maybe the entire planet was populated that way by some alien race who wanted it to be entirely covered in super sexy figures) or whether it is just…. I dunno… something subconscious? Random coincidence?

        Kib’s bras must cost a fortune. Probably her other clothes too. Just as well she has savings. ^_^

        As to Kylar’s family… I’m not sure what to make of them. The fact that I’m a Welsh guy living in London kinda leaves me wondering what precise sort of accent you were going for. It is kinda difficult to imagine how an accent would sound when it is being written in what would be phonetic for a completely different language (probably why I can’t understand that thief-person’s accent at all). I figure Kylar’s mother probably sounds like Eliza Doolittle from My Fair Lady… but I’m not sure about the other two. Kylar would probably be more well-spoken than that, judging by personality. Just my guess.

        So… um… yeah.
        I just noted that Kib’s arms seem a bit skinny to me because … well… most of my exes have been of similar build for the most part… but they had thicker arms… also shoulders. But yeah… she is an anthro doggie or whatever… so… my opinions are invalid.



        • Chris Brune

          I wouldn’t really say that the males are unexpectedly muscular or anything. Given that most of the ones we’ve seen are either professional soldiers and fighter-types, or work in physically demanding occupations, the builds seem quite appropriate. They tend to look ‘fit’ to me, not ‘sculpted’ in the manner of, say, John Cena, or Arnold from his early days in Conan the Barbarian and similar films. but, different people have different perceptions, what might look ‘mildly chubby’ to me could strike someone else as ‘grossly obese’ and so forth. Nothing wrong with that.

        • Phuufy

          Well, thanks for explaining your post better. It’s hard to take things on the internet and you get all types on forums like these – so, sorry if I seemed short with you.

          We aren’t intentionally trying to over sexualize them, as in – their bodies are the focal point of the page – constant shots of cleavage and crotch bulges and butts — that sorta thing. My husband Skidd does the primary art here. Pages like the latest Holiday piece had a ripped Farron but that was for gags– he really isn’t *that* muscular just what he idealized himself to be. While Kylar is quite fit, he is also a soldier and Mason works in a blacksmith shop (though he is meant to be thick around the middle, not exactly a gut but more of a strong-man kind of body-type.) I can see where some people get this, Skidd went from a job doing nothing but adult-pictures to this, so maybe that sexy-ness has carried over.

          As for Kylar’s parents, I always felt a Highlands Scottish or Yorkshire kind of accent would fit. Kylar is someone I always imagined to sound very proper and posh. As for Dante (I presume that is whom you are talking about with the thief?) her and Farron are meant to have a cajun-american accent, but Dante’s is much thicker than Farron’s.

          • The only description I ever hear of a “cajun” accent is “like Gambit from X-Men”. …
            Clearly I need to go find more videos of Gambit on YouTube, as I’m not sure what that sounds like.

            I’d ask if you meant North Yorkshire or South Yorkshire… but that would probably be pushing it. =p
            Interesting though. Yorkshire accents are pretty easy to write though, since they have a lot of very characteristic turns of phrase.
            Here… watch this video. One of the best examples of a total Yorkshire accent ever, as spoken by a child:

            What you’re saying about Skidd’s job change… that… makes all of the sense. Totally got it now. =)

  • Shadowkey392

    Gotta give Farron credit, that’s a pretty clever hiding place.