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Ask the UberCast!
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  • ReyJJJ

    “There’s only one God, ma’am–and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t dress like that.”

  • Anya225

    Well, I guess that’d be a perfect case of a badgering mother.

    • Cory Tenorio

      Every families got one.

    • James-Polymer

      Don’t you mean a…raccooning mother? =D

      Okay, I’ll leave.

      • Stephen Gilberg

        Look at her tail. I don’t believe she’s a raccoon.

        • Ratz

          Panda Bear Maybe.

          • Phuufy

            European Badger and Bram is a raccoon.

    • Shadowkey392


  • Elosan

    I can totally hear chichi’s voice from DragonBall z abridged as kelly’s voice XD

  • Tallon-1

    no TF2 reference here XD

  • HUNRonin

    TFW your parents embarass you in front of your squad.

  • Majinkoba

    Kylar, if I didn’t know any better I would say you are embarrassed by your parents!

    Also rabbit ears are the best emotive ears, they give away all the secrets.

  • Victor Masi

    well, glad to see that Kylar’s dad isn’t a jerk. my fears are now behind me… for now

  • Tatsurou

    Taking bets on how long until his Mom starts trying to hook him up with Gwen.

  • Aw, his mama loves him. >w<
    I really enjoy Kylar's dialect, saying things like pish-posh and whinging, ah. x3 It really emphasizes what type of voice he has.

    • jrh150482

      I’m guessing Australian accent?

      • Phuufy

        Kylar and his family are meant to have British accents 🙂

  • cr1ms0n t1ger

    For like a moment there, I thought that it was the Hydra symbol on that bag x3 (hail Hydra)

    Kylar, you don’t get to complain. Think of all the kids that would die for their parent’s affection.

  • JohnZScott

    Well, it’s good to see that his folks do care about him. Also, I gotta say I love the cute little LeonXGwen romance blooming there!

  • Jonathan Vasquez

    Ha ha what a smart-ass that Kylar. Yeah that’s my mom too.

  • Sianmink

    waaait so his parents are a badger and a red panda?


    • Phuufy

      Badger and raccoon, his dad is just brown instead of blue-gray. 😛

      • Victor Masi

        I dont suppose there’s a tree that says “I Am Groot” walking behind him?

    Really glad to see some parental affection here >ww>”
    I hope he gets better, instead of worse because his mother could seemingly crush someone’s spine if she could break a wooden door like that xD

    • jrh150482

      The door doesn’t look broken. However, there are cracks on the wall where the door hit it. Remind me NEVER to piss off Kylar’s mom.

  • Kaeto

    You don’t get between a mother and her injured child even if you are a door. That’s a shortcut to destruction.

  • Alex Smith

    Somebody QUICK! Catch the oil lamp!!!

  • Borderwolf

    I sense that Kylar’s mom will try and override her husband and force Kylar back into bed, and point to Gwen and tell her to go to the kitchen of this hospital and get what passes for chicken noodle soup on this world, and bring a bowl for Kylar.

  • Victor Masi

    Seven Bloody Hells? (grabs Game of Thrones reference jar and drops quarter) I knew those would start up again at some point.

  • jrh150482

    The S.S. LeonxGwen might be sailing soon.

  • Shadowkey392

    Ah, the over-reacting mother stereotype. One of my favourites!

  • Vampbanshee

    got new tattoo on their back neck?

    • Adam Carranco

      They might all have one, there’s some black dots on art’s neck implying he has one too.

      • Akira

        Not to mention it looks exactly like the one on Jill. Question is did they keep hers the same or change it because of certain events happening that led to all of them being captured? These tattoos have to signify something if they’re different patterns, and I’m sure we’ll all see the reason eventually

        • Shadowkey392

          The tattoo is likely some form of identification system. Considering that Jill probably came from this place as a child, I doubt they would change hers just because she escaped once.

  • Vulpine Warrior

    I see Pete’s as graceful as ever.

    • yachris

      And Art’s knack of attracting incredibly inappropriate women is still strong…

  • Richard Field

    “The best part of waking up, is boobs pressed on your gut~”

  • Gaboris

    Welp this proves that Art is a hopeless virgin. 😛
    If a naked girl like Alex wakes you up by falling on you in the middle of the night the ONLY question you’re allowed to ask is: “Are you looking for a place to warm up?”
    Anything else just proves that you’re hopeless. XD

    (???: Are you trying to imply that you know anything about talking to women? Cuz you’re failing at it.
    Gab: Shush it and get back to work!
    ???: Well I just burnt you didn’t I? :3)