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Ask the UberCast!
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  • Silvermain

    He was engaged to be married eh?


  • MrAMP

    He was engaged…to a woman!? This is going to be quite the interesting background.
    Also, I take it that he is not on good terms with his dad.

    • Glenn Sellers

      After puberty, most guys aren’t, straight or otherwise.

  • Gravedigger

    you evil fiend, you tease us so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Majinkoba

    Oh I was beginning to think maybe his father might not be alive, hadn’t seen him mentioned before. Forgot?, maybe forgot his medicine?

  • Alex Smith

    I know he had to maintain the outward appearance of normality, I’m surprised though, that he would go as far as a wedding to keep up a ruse. If he was truly in love with Marylyn, that’s different. But (knowing the current relationship status with Joel) he has to break Marylyn’s heart at some point leading up to their wedding, and within a one week time frame of it! (Knowing the information I know as of this comic, I feel bad for Marylyn, hopefully more of the story will unfold.)

    • Majinkoba

      Yes I feel bad for her, on the surface she seems to be in love with him, but it could be an arranged marriage of sorts, but either way yeah.

      Another possibility is that he hasn’t truly confronted his sexuality yet at this point in his life. It takes different people different amounts of time to not only admit it to others but to admit it to themselves.

      Though he is blushing when he speaks to Joel and not blushing when he kisses his fiancée so perhaps not.

    • Victor Masi

      she’s part of that Illuminati guild now, isn’t she?

  • cr1ms0n t1ger

    First two panels: I think my inner Yaoi fangirl just died of pure joy.

    Panel 3: Back off, hussy. That coon belongs to the ot- Wait, WHAT?! MARRIAGE?! I NOW HAVE SEVERAL QUESTIONS!

    2nd to last panel: So, he has a condition that may or may not be connected to his special abilities. Interesting… Also: them abs!

    • James-Polymer

      Aye, he looks like he bulked up a little since the last time we saw him shirtless.

      What? I respect a man’s dedication to his abdominals. =3

  • Tallon-1


  • Majinkoba

    My guess on Kylars dad with having nothing to support it whatsoever: also a military man of some renown, who opposed Kylars wish to be a soldier because of his condition, but with medication Kylar insisted he could keep it under control so his father begrudgingly agreed. On top of that his speed can excite his condition further on top of him forgetting his medicine, and now he is going to get an “I told you so” speech from Daddums.

    Ainsley, you’re fired XD

  • Victor Masi

    worst case scenario: his father is the equivalent of Tywin Lannister

  • Victor Masi

    younger Kylar’s really rockin’ that Loki Haircut. Also, is Marylyn a Red Panda?

  • Why no man nips HMMM

    Ehem — It’s quite pleasant that Kylar’s fur is more of a soft purple instead of just plain gray, just thought I’d point that out. Joel’s little round ears are so cute, too. *w* I love the look on Kylar’s face in panel 4, it really makes the kiss feel empty. He’s definitely one of the characters I’m most interested in learning about!

  • AnonAnon

    Am I the only one who feel’s bad for the girl he was going to marry? It’s obvious that they didn’t get married, but she genuinely seemed to love the guy.

  • Shadowkey392

    Hmmm…every character’s path seems to be taking them to Northon…something’s definitely going down there. Can’t wait!

  • Leaf Smaragdust Wolf

    the plot twist!!

  • steelCOYOTE

    Tell me that poor girl isn’t gonna get her heart broken.

    • Shadowkey392

      I could, but I’d likely be lying, and I don’t do lies, so I won’t.

  • HUNRonin

    So what I’m getting from this is that there is a some people who are quite unhappy with Ky presently.

  • Borderwolf

    Hmmmm, interesting, Joel wears glasses. Did he later on have a magic user cast a spell to fix his vision?

    • Phuufy

      No, he still wears them in the present. Just didn’t have them on in his introduction 🙂

      • Victor Masi

        so there was no “Jesus healing a blind man” kind of scenario, then.

  • RakausTheWolf

    daaaaaaaaw! young joel is so cute!

  • This guy

    This seems to happen all the time.
    Two gays and an engaged woman.