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Hmm fatigue caused by use of his speed?, or perhaps a health issue?

Bit of both? It’s difficult to show in comic format, but he’s in convulsions.

Panel 3: “WHINGING” I’m guessing is supposed to be “WHINING” but perhaps I’m just tired?

Whinge is a british term for whining.. :3

I had a few theories what Kylar’s powers might be. First I thought it was something like increased metabolism that allowed him to preform tasks at high-speed and superior neural configuration that allowed him the faster reaction time. But this makes me think: what if his power is to overclock his body – temporarily increase his speed, bud damage his body in the process. Kinda like you do while overclocking a computer. Just a thought.

episode? is this one of those “Julius Caesar had epilepsy” sort of deals…..and yes, Julius Caesar in real life did suffer occasional epileptic seizures

You know, I was reading up on convulsions and a random thought occurred to me while I was also looking at Kylar’s personality. Is this why he is such a control freak/OCD? Because he feels that he can’t control his convulsions and wants to control everything else to at least feel like he is in control of his life?

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