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Wait, scouts… could she be talking about…

Sweet. Herm-mother. Of. All. Things. Furry.

So they’re the prince’s info?! And they got the prince to sending one of the, if not THE best Alder has to offer, Kylar, after Kibbles… It’s all connected. IT’S ALL CONNECTED!!!

*runs off to the UberQuest conspiracy-theory shack in the middle of the forest; grabs a shotgun and curls in a fetal position in the bed*

They’re not gonna trick me. They’re not gonna trickmme. They’renotgonnatrickmeThey’renotgonnatrickmeThey’renotgonnatrickme…

*remains in fetal position*

What’s the girl’s (superior’s) name again? Has it been mentioned?

Actually, if any of them HAVE been named, I’ve forgotten all of them. >.<;

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