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Ask the UberCast!
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  • ac

    he’s like Kermit the frog, calm and cool, but when he hits that point shit is going down >.<

    • Synapsis111

      Yep, and then his arms get all noodly and he waves them around while shouting.

    • Majinkoba

      Now all I can think of is wanting to see Mason with the upset Kermit scrunch face

  • cr1ms0n t1ger

    Convenient lightning is convenient 😛

    • John Belrose

      As someone once said to me, ambiance is important in a round about way. Was learning how to use a whip under a full moon. She said, “You know, the shaved head, dressed in black, holding the whip, under this moon. It is intimidating.”

    • Tallon-1

      +1 sin or what XD

    • LifeWulf

      It’s called “pathetic fallacy” and it’s a valid literary device dammit!

    • Alex Smith


  • mastergodai

    uh oh …

    • Toshiro Tushima

      I agree. But, on another hand, it about time for Manson to man up.

  • Majinkoba

    Oh wow didn’t expect him to get upset at Sesame too, I mean yeah she kind of failed as an escort twice.. I suppose, but even so I am reminded of the ol adage “you get what you pay for” in a way.

    • MisterGunpowder

      Once. She didn’t fail against Dante.

  • Toshiro Tushima

    Yeah, Manson! Show them who is the boss!

  • David Allen Ortega

    I’m curious why is Sesame getting the blame for?

    • vgmaster9

      Her not being around when the caravan was being hijacked, perhaps?

  • CJ


  • Borderwolf

    It looks like Mason’s anger has been released.

  • Tallon-1

    O-O dun dun duuuuun

  • jrh150482

    Mason uses Uncharacteristic Rage!

    • cr1ms0n t1ger

      It’s super effective!

    • Phuufy

      Not necessarily uncharacteristic, just we haven’t gotten to see this side of him yet 🙂

      • Borderwolf

        Well, nice people do have a ‘dark side’ that is kept under locks. But when the right buttons are pushed to release those locks, everyone else needs to tread carefully.

  • Valkeiper2012

    there is an old adage (which happens to be true more often than not)
    the people who are the calmest and most peaceful most of the time (Mason, in this case)
    are the ones who are the worst when they’re angry.

    remember, not only is Mason bigger than Sesame, he also has her ‘enhanced strength’.
    Nobody-repeat- Nobody better mess with him in his angered mood

    • “Beware the fury of a patient man.”

      • Valkeiper2012

        I like that very much.
        Sounds like something Samuel Clemens would have said after having a ‘not-so-good’ day

  • Peter Anckorn

    In the case of a crash I blame the person who was driving! And that would be…Mason. Hmm-maybe save some of that yelling for yourself, buddy. Anybody got a mirror he can yell into 😉

  • MisterGunpowder

    Umm…No. I’m sorry, but no. Mason has absolutely no grounds right now to be angry as Sesame. The only grounds I’ve seen is that she wasn’t there with the cart…but that’s because she was delivering the shipment with Claire. At no point did she ever do anything anywhere near what Farron’s done to elicit him blaming her, and him getting just as angry at her really just seems to exist to create drama between the characters which is just bad writing.

    • Phuufy

      Sesame hasn’t done a particularly good job guarding the caravan. Granted she is only being paid by given transport – but Mason feels Sesame isn’t trustworthy at this point. As stated before in page 116 – he feels she isn’t doing a good job back then either.
      Also consider Mason is really upset at this point, the caravan being crashed – almost losing one of his pets and then these two squabbling. He’s kind of reached the end of his rope – he’s not being too rational at the moment.

      • MisterGunpowder

        That STILL doesn’t justify him getting as angry at her as he is with Farron. If we’re dealing with emotions, the current situation is entirely Farron’s fault. In fact, the first time? With Dante? She prevented her from stealing anything from the cart, and the only thing that was lost was her sword. Regardless of irrationality, that should bloody well resonate with him enough to counter any loss of trust. There isn’t any justification in the story for him to be as angry with her as he is with Farron, and quite simply the way this is going it’ll focus on her entirely because…reasons.

        • Phuufy

          Nobody said he’s as angry with her as he is Farron. Patience is a virtue with these things 🙂

          • Alex Smith

            I agree on both accounts. I don’t feel she is nearly as responsible,or why he is blaming her. But I can see where irrational anger can spread to the nearest moving objects.

            On a side note, the dialogue between Farron and Sesame went as I thought it might, and unless Mason intervenes again… may only be postponed.

    • vgmaster9

      Agreed 100%
      I’m certain it’s an incentive to let Farron get away with what he just did.

  • Arthur Frelling Dent

    Heh, you can’t wreck and go, rat-face… but we’ll see exactly what Mason blames S for… there is kinda a long list of things that he has looked the other way on… as you do when your friends get you indirectly into trouble.

    I’m guessin’ he doesn’t have to do much here… except indicate that this is nowhere near what he looks like when really pissed off. Ses may well react to the hurt she caused… and Farron is hopefully smart enough not to escalate.

    excellent all round… and a story worth waiting for.

  • Silvermain

    Mason’s not wrong but Farron is way more to blame the Sesame.

  • Silvermain

    Also something that’s just occurred to me… Farron mentioned Rita by name…Did Sesame know Farron knew her? Well I bet she will now. and Maybe it will lead to Sesame FINALLY getting her damn Sword Back!

  • Victor Masi

    why am I thinking of Cheech and Chong skit involving a certain Sister Mary Elephant?

  • Victor Masi

    yeah, this is really out of character for Mason….it kind of scares me…..I have a bad feeling he might say something along the lines of this next:

  • AnonAnon

    Im now seeing a page of rage justified, Mason rage.

  • Dakota Miyamoto

    Looks like Mason’s spine and balls just arrived

  • Mrstealth1993

    And this is where you let Mason take charge. No need to try and fight him.

  • I don’t know if this is true, but I heard deer, especially large ones, can beat the shit out of people.
    Either by using their hooves and ramming their horns…
    I just hope Farron knows his boundaries otherwise he’s gonna get a whole world a’ fury.

    • Valkeiper2012

      as a trucker, I’ve had elk take on my truck and lose, but the truck wasn’t exactly undamaged.

      and remember. Mason has the same ‘enhanced strength’ as Sesame.

  • Neveko

    Ehhhhhh….Not really seeing how he can blame Farron and Sesame the same. Pretty much the ENTIRE reason the cart got crashed was all Farron. He stole something (so the guards were following them), hijacked the cart, AND sent a giant monster at the guards that scared the beasts pulling the cart into losing control. How is it Sesame’s fault? The fact that she wasn’t there to guard a cart when she wasn’t asked to be standing next to it? Yeah. Okay.

    • Phuufy

      It’s because she didn’t throw Farron off when she had a chance, she also lost her sword which doesn’t help with her keeping the caravan safe. Mason barely knows her and what he has seen- she hasn’t been the most responsible. Mason isn’t being particularly reasonable now, just really pissed off things have gone so awry. He’s not as mad at Sesame as he is Farron – but it’s kind of boiling over to her too- given she is just standing there bickering.

  • JohnZScott

    I’d say Mason’s rage is totally justified. Farron hijacking their caravan for his own selfish reasons was a dick move on his part, and while Sesame’s intentions are good, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. She hasn’t really given Mason much reason to believe she is capable of protecting his caravan as promised. Poor Mason has had a really bad trip, and even the sweetest of sweethearts have their boiling point. Given what he’s been through at this point, he deserves to let off some steam! Skidd, Phuufy, I love this comic so much, you give me plenty of great, complex, and well developed characters to psycho-analyze and for that I thank you both!

  • Cory Tenorio

    Uh oh! they done done it now!

  • Anomaly

    One of those guys you don’t want to see pissed.

  • RakausTheWolf

    whoa mason…

  • DarkMyste

    mason cool under pressure but when its time to place blame he nails it with lightning and thunder bolts

  • Franky

    I’m a lot like Mason when it comes to getting angry. I don’t normally assert myself, but when someone gets me pissed off I do.

  • TheRebelLion96

    : I

  • Victor Masi

    is it me or does everyone in this comic at some point go full Batman mode at some point or another….which is actually pretty awesome.

    • Valkeiper2012

      Seeing sesame angry is a given and it’s understandable for mason at this point.
      we haven’t seen Kibs angry yet…
      have we?

      Notice I did say “Yet”.
      Kibbles is the peace maker in this group, so I dread what happens when SHE gets angry.
      Looks like Mason, Farron, and Sesame need some of her ‘peacemaking’.

  • MCWildcat

    I feel sorry for her…

  • Overlordgrimm

    Unfortunately for her, this ISN’T a japanese mamga, soooo…no broXsis.

    • Lee Shane

      Yep, no incest…

  • Jonathan Vasquez

    I don’t know if I feel bad for Art or his sister.

  • EnvyDragon

    How would I feel?

    …Well, unsurprised. I mean, look at this, this marble-ass sculpture that is my flawless figure. Everyone falls in love with it.

    (Also I love that Art’s reaction is simultaneously a total dick move, the absolute wrong way to handle the situation, and kind of understandable all at once.)

    • o0m-9

      His sister’s not doing such a hot job of handling this either. “I wanted to get to know you again, so I baited you into making out with your relative.” does not a very convincing argument make.

      • EnvyDragon

        It’s true that her actions are… kind of completely fucked-up. But to be fair, so is she (from the sound of it). She’s seeking help in the only way she knows how, and Art’s responding by fleeing from anything that doesn’t immediately suit his worldview. It’s the sort of thing that he will tear himself up over with guilt later, but that makes enough sense in the moment that I’m not palming my face with his stupidity. Particularly because I can’t honestly say I would have responded any differently.

        See, this is why we need more writers in the furry fandom. How often do you see this sort of thing happening? There should be like… workshops and shit.

    • The_Rippy_One

      Yep. this was a better execution of this situation than the first version all the way around. Bravo!

      • Kuurion

        We will accept your compliment (even though these pages are completely unchanged from the first version XD)!

  • Gaboris


    • nagashi


      • The_Rippy_One

        When, Will Then, Be Now?!

      • Gaboris

        Oh you naove FOOL! You’ll see. You’ll ALL SEE! O_O

  • MrAMP

    Well, this just got awkward for Art. But on the plus side, at least it didn’t go too far. XD

  • knite

    Uh oh, something much worse is about to happen to Art depending on how quickly he gets home.

  • M.Mitchell Marmel


  • Vampbanshee

    She need help, don’t throw away to trash.

  • Shadowkey392

    Hmm…good objective, bad plan, and I think Art’s brain has overloaded.

  • yachris

    Next on Our World:

    Art joins the others, only to find their house destroyed. They’re stunned, wondering what’s next.

    The forlorn figure trailing him perks up: “You all can stay with me!”

    “But” she adds with a sultry look at Art, “I only have one bed!”.

    Art’s “I’LL SLEEP ON THE FLOOR!” will be in such a big font we’ll have to buy three more monitors to see it at once.

  • Anomaly

    An Awkward yet sad situation. This is starting to seem like a soap opera.

  • TheRebelLion96

    How would I feel if MY sister was In Love with ME?
    I would move. I would relocate. I would change my last name because that’s how she would always find me!

  • Caleb Delvalle

    That face when he founds out she has a brother complex and then he’s like “oh hell no!” xD

  • Richard Field

    I do feel sorry for her but, I can’t help but play “Fuck this shit I’m out” in my head with that face he made.