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Looks like someone needs to send Scrab to mimic obedience school. Great job on his looks and I have a feeling Farron and Scarb will have a few more great adventures under their belts in the future.

You can’t expect him to jump straight into the action without having a little snack first. Who knows how long it’s been since Farron last let him out to stretch.

So, are those moth eared tapirs or are the ears/antenna plant or feather based. I guess feathers would make more sense since the hind parts are more scaly… and, I must say,the mimic is an absolutely adorable gremlin like creature.

Traygens (kind of horse equivalents in this world) are indeed anteater-tapir esque inspired.. but the “feathers” on their heads are meant to be antennae.. they are kind of inspired by moths too ^_^; Similar to how the Staggles are like ox-stag-beetle things.

Scrab went through MANY designs.. originally just a mere hell-hound.. but took some more cat-dragon-wolf like design.

Awwww he likes Sesame

I’m not sure if he’s petting her in panel 1 or just has his paw near her head. Either way, I understand her cute tail straightening.

List of things I want (for myself, in real life) from this comic has increased (in no particular order):
1. An Uber
2. A mimic named Scrab
3. A little assistant robot named Proto
4. One of the female lead characters (I’m not picky)

OMG, that’s seriously one of the best ideas I’ve seen in a while… my next D&D game has to have a bag of holding that is also a mimic that guards itself from anyone but the owner. Obedience issues optional, but that would certainly add a level of fun to it…

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