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Ask the UberCast!
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  • Skidddog

    Yay! Discus is back up and working!

  • cr1ms0n t1ger

    Disqus is back?! *black soul voice* Haleluya, oh Sergal Jesus all mighty high up in the sky!
    About those pots: I haz $$$. I want dem!!! GIMMEH!

    • I thought he was referring to potions at first, then I saw the literal pots xD

  • Chuck

    I’m so glad to see disqus back on here. Thank you Mihari!
    To repeat my original comment, is that Tootsie in the third panel and Kimi in the fifth?

    • Phuufy

      It is indeed!

  • GG1

    Can’t wait to see how Farron deals with the locals, didn’t know Disqus was missing, always love the background scenes in Uberquest, just love all the other furries & non-furries along with the main characters, gives Uberquest such a real feel to it. By the way, are you going to get back to Kylar & his troop sometime soon?

    • Phuufy

      Thanks! As for Kylar, you will just have to keep reading 🙂

      • GG1

        Don’t worry, I’ll always keep reading Uberquest, one of my top favorite comic.

  • Alex Smith

    Did the lock change shape, after being put under the stress of bearing a bit more load? Did the bag… growl?

    • Phuufy

      Growling bag? Wonder what he keeps in there.

    • somebodywhoknowsthings

      Maybe the bag is a Mimic.

      • Or better yet, it’s actually the bag is the backpack from Pokemon and there must be a bike inside it.

  • Onomatopoeia does not compute… Can anyone give me an alternative to pmooft. As a conjunction it doesn’t seem to work as an actual sound neither poof + moot sound right, and puh-mooft doesn’t really work in my head the way i think it was intended.

  • Anomaly

    He complains about being out of shape after lugging that thing around? What, does it have a feather enchantment on it as well or does he sell air?

    • Phuufy

      He’s not used to running full speed with the bag. Also smoking doesn’t help his endurance.. Farron spends most of his time lazing about drifting between place to place.

      • Anomaly


  • Wait.
    So a real merchant looks like a scary, scummy and con artist rat?

    That sounds like real life businessmen and entrepreneurs. xD
    All joking aside, I’m sure Farron could do a bit of business, if not scamming.

    By the way, one question for all readers.
    If Uberquest was an animated movie which actor would each of the main characters?

  • Stephen Gilberg

    Does he have an ancestor in common with Sesame?

    • Phuufy

      Er – well since all Fera are related and are the same “species” – I guess? If you mean, does he have a super-strength ability? No. Farron has a special ability but its not related to strength, his bag is magical but there is another reason he is able to do what he does. You’ll have to keep reading!

  • somebodywhoknowsthings

    Is that a Wind Waker pot in panel 3?

  • GG1

    Let’s make a deal, HA! Farron must be related to Monty Hall, of Let’s make a deal game show.

  • Jesse Wise

    It’s interesting that 12 people and 6 booths constitute a “giant ass crowd”. Is this indicative of population density, or is it just a slow day at the market? Is Farron finding someone or setting up shop? Can he just leave the bag laying around anywhere and not have people mess with it? Just curious.

  • Psychowolf

    In the third panel, you misspelled rejuvenating.

  • Borderwolf

    Is Kimi running that stand? If she is, what is she selling? It looks like fruit.

  • Valkeiper2012

    Farron and charm? It’s somewhat of a misnomer to have those two in the same paragraph, much less the same sentence.

  • Silvermain

    Ya know I half expected the ground to crack a little when he dropped that bag. LOL