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Ask the UberCast!
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  • Lucius Appaloosius

    And now, the Super-Stealth Action NINJA LOG®!! 7@=Q

  • cr1ms0n t1ger

    1st comment ^3^ mylifeiscomplete!
    Remember kids: when a robed man from a cult-thingy offers you something, just say no.

    • And, when an accused murderer says “break the rules, it’ll be fun.” you should say yes?

      I realize he’s known Kibbles longer, but I’m thinking she might be a wee bit bipolar. You know, like Pinky pie. I mean, I’d __Totally__ believe she could accidentally kill someone.

      • Phuufy

        Going for a walk to look at a town and enjoy it sure is an evil weird thing to do! Next on UberQuest, Kibbles laughs at a joke. More at 11.

        • cr1ms0n t1ger

          Laughs at a joke?! Dear god, what’s next? She engages in an idle conversation? Goes sight-seeing? Nibbles on a cookie?
          I had no idea that UQ was this dark.

        • I wasn’t commenting that what Kibbles wanted to do was a weird or evil thing. I was using an analogy to demonstrate Cr1ms0n t1ger logic is not exactly infallible. And, because everyone loves Pinky Pie, I was trying to dull the edge on a question that Mason should take advice from manic depressive or potentially psychotic individual over a potentially pacifistic if not sadistic cult leader.

          Also, I’m Not entirely sure this is Tiggs first comment, even if it was the first comment. I suppose connotative meanings should be taken over the denotative kind. in that case I’m “literally” sorry for the misunderstanding, but I mean literally only in the figurative sense.

          • cr1ms0n t1ger

            I just commented first, and was excited cuz I haz no life Q.Q

          • the demon

            but you got first comment that means your life has reason… also you guys gave me the best chuckle today i thank you for this :3

          • cr1ms0n t1ger

            ^3^ Glad I- we made you laugh.

          • Who’s this “we” person you speak of? Do you have a mousie in your pocket?
            Although, admittedly, I am glad someone found humor in the situation. At the very least we know the conversation has soul.

          • Valkeiper2012

            if Cr1ms0n t1ger is like her avatar in two kinds, she has good reason to say “we”.

            Tho that would contradict her “no life” comment, having 2 lives and all.

    • Kudos to that, but I somehow imagined the Avion’s voice to be Keanu Reeves for some reason xD.

  • Majinkoba

    Okay Mason, she likes the bad boys so change of plans buddy

  • WaveRave

    Aww poor avian, he be missing an wing.

    • Stephen Gilberg

      Hope he’s not a villain. We have enough disabled villains in fiction already, and “Final Fantasy VII” did quite enough with its one-winged angel.

  • WaveRave

    wait hang on a second. that symbol on the parchment there looks an awful lot like a Marker.

    • Skidddog

      Hahah.. now that you mention it.. it kinda does. WELL TO BE CLEAR. We’re not mixing in any stories or lore from other games/movies or anything. so in this case.. it’s purely coincidental.

  • Majinkoba

    Referring to an Avion as a “sky-beast” seems rather…racist? Even if its not common to see them outside of their region, for a seemingly holy and peaceful cult…I mean religion…I would think he would have more respect for a fellow member.

    • TheNinth

      I flocked to the comments to make the exact same point.
      I think he’s being cruel for the sake of showing contrast, like if you showed a trialthlon advert and said “even a fat person can do it, so can you!”
      Then the triathlon has a $1000 entry fee and you have to join the Triathlon Club where there’s a registration fee of $50 and you need to pay $20 a month except you can only pay for two years at a time.

      Except here there’s no ridiculous analogy and he’s literally being racist.
      All that and the gasping goes to show how little the races interact with each other.
      …and he has a black speech bubble.

      Man, Skidd and Phuufy are putting so many subtle features into UberQuest that say so much about the world, it’s almost like an ARG.


  • cr1ms0n t1ger

    1st: Kibbles’s face in the first panel: Kibbs, ya naughty grrrl
    2nd: So that’s an Avion A race of tree-hugers, you say?
    3rd: In Serbian, the word that’s spelled “avion” means airplane (random fact is random)

    • Valkeiper2012

      you’re calling someone naughty? You, who has a very ‘naughty’ tigress for an avatar?

      LOL. you are right, tho.

  • Borderwolf

    Panel 1, the look on Kib’s face, very amusing. Looks like she now and then wants to be a bad girl to lure nice boys to the dark side.
    Interesting characters for this religious group.

  • Brodie Jones
  • Alex Smith

    What does he sound like? The Avion, I mean. His speech bubble is even a different color. I need to know, opinions? conjectures? theories? Anything is welcome here.

    Also, how tall is he? I was fairly certain Mason was a tall individual, but it looks like this fellow towers over him.

    • Phuufy

      Mason is indeed tall for a Fera, 6’9″ without his antlers (about 7’0″ with) Avions are basically the giants of Evyr, ranging from 10-12 feet tall.

    • Valkeiper2012

      That was the first thing to strike me as well. I guess it’s because my height is almost always mentioned whenever I meet someone new (among other reasons) and basically makes me aware of it more than I should be.

      When i play RPGs (tabletop or online), I almost always run short characters like hobbits, halflings, pixies, and such.

  • WaveRave

    I just realized the Avian is taller than mason.

  • Cory Tenorio

    Oh great. Cultists.

  • Oh no. I knew it.
    The rebellion-front cult-thing is pretty much starting to notice the protagonist.
    Are they gonna summon some sort of Eldritch or Lovecraftian monster with giant eyes and arms for wings?

    The eagle guy looks way too injured to be innocent in all honesty.

    • cr1ms0n t1ger

      Makes sense. If I’m correct, the the rebellion-front cult-thing is interested in Sesame, Kibbles and, depending from who the princes got that info, Kylar. Then again, that symbol is only identical, not the same. Anyway, they look nice, so maybe they’re actually not bad? (famous last words)
      And tentacles. Don’t forget the tentacles.
      And that Avion: a war veteran maybe? Turned rebel after the battle that crippled him?

      • Majinkoba

        The smaller guy is likely blind (not conclusive but his eyes are shut in both panels we see him so far), and the Avion is missing a wing, perhaps this Zysa demands a price? Or perhaps like most cults, they seek out people with troubles in their time of weakness because that is when they are most likely to be successfully recruited.

        • cr1ms0n t1ger

          Hmm, well it makes sense that they’d recruit people with troubles. Well that, and they gain sympathy. And would it be scary if they actually took that guys eyes out? (experiences a flashback of “The Mummy” movie) *shivers*
          Now the question is: if the person that helped Kibbles out of that guard situation a while back is with them, what are they going to do when she’s this close to them?

  • Alex Dixon

    “Excuse me sir, but have u heard about our lord and savior Jesus Christ?”

    Me: Nope. (Flips them the bird finger and motorboats Kibbles)

  • Anomaly

    Only one wing huh? I’d like to hear the story behind that one.

  • somebodywhoknowsthings

    Being as big as he is, I bet the poor guy has a hard time with normal sized doorways, the wing would probably get in the way too. Also, I am loving Kibbles face in panel 1.

  • Elynnas Sionel

    Wow……we go from Kibbles the Shaking Failure to Kibbles the Rules Breaker.
    Last time she got asked to join a groupe, it ended bad. Watch out, Zysa followers 😀

  • GG1

    Wow, that’s some good looking Avion, (bird) hope we find out how he lost his left wing, war? accident? Here’s another possible backstory or flashback. So is Zysa their god creator they believe in? and how many of the different races believe in Zysa? Or does each race believe in their own god?

  • Silly Zealot

    Bah, the hypnotoad is better.

  • Shadowkey392

    …I don’t think Kibbles really grasps the concept of “guarding the caravan”. If I were a betting man, I’d put my money on them returning and finding that thieves have made off with all their stuff.

  • EnvyDragon

    Does it still satisfy the Bechdel test if the two female characters talking about something other than boys are both lesbians?

    • Given the deliberate simplicity of the original test, I’d say so. In the case of Our World, we actually passed the Bechdel Test back on page 13, when Lisa and Jill discuss Jill’s office. (There are some earlier pages that might count, but I see 13 as the first definite pass.) Deliberate overthinking on my part aside, I like the Bechdel Test and I try to make most, if not all, of my writing pass it.

      • EnvyDragon

        Heh. I know it already passed it – not only in wording, but in spirit, as the Bechdel Test is supposed to illustrate how common the male-centric focus is in media, and this is a story full of useful and proactive female characters – but I was being a little facetious. You’ve got Jill, whom the plot looks to be revolving around starting very soon, and you’ve got Alex, who is kind of a force of nature, both strong women who can carry stories on their own… and then, for page 99-100, they’re in underwear and there’s a fanservice shiptease. It’s fine because this isn’t gonna be the status quo (I trust) and all I was doing is joking about your joke.