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Ask the UberCast!
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  • fred

    Uhhh…. that’s not what it looks like to me, what it looks like to me is that the story made HER hot for Mora.

  • Tech

    Is there another faction I could root for? Preferably one that’s not made up of dicks?
    –>–Yahtzee Croshaw

  • Victor Masi

    Wonder if they might run in to Farron. also first to comment. WOOT!!!!! and tonights Game of Thrones was….whoa… was just…..whoa….eventually something like what just watched tonight could be in Uberquest.

    • Phuufy

      We need to catch up on GOT, haven’t even started on season 5 yet. Waiting for their to be a buffer so we can binge watch!

    • Alex Smith

      If they do run into Farron, and mention a sword thief, do you think he’ll put two and two together?

      • Phuufy

        Not necessarily, Evyr is full of bandits and thieves, Dante is just one of many. Even if he did somehow figure things out, he probably wouldn’t care.I think the only way he would have some concern is if Dante got in another fight with them.

    • ScarletFlames

      Don’t forget, he said book six will be 1000 pages of snow blowing over graves. oh yeah, *SPOILER ALERT* >:)

  • Majinkoba

    Fidget level: Bored Kibbles

  • nomad

    Yeah, this’ll end well…

    • Shadowkey392

      I’ll bet Dante makes off with their caravan.

  • Cameron Harrison

    I’m starting to wonder if mason has a split personality?

    • Phuufy

      No. Mason was always intended to be a shy – nervous type, yes he is a nice guy and easy to talk to (listens well). Mason is alright with talking about subjects he knows alot about, blacksmithing,staggles (or critters in general) or just about himself. However, if he is pushed in an uncomfortable situation where he doesn’t know what to do, panic sets in Kind of a bit of a social-anxiety I suppose.
      We’ve been working on writing the characters more distinctly – so perhaps that plays a part too ^_^;.

      • Valkeiper2012

        Well, I see myself in Mason’s situation (and personality). I have a big problem with SA, myself, so I know how Mason feels.

        Those who know me say I seem to know a LOT more than I let on.

      • Chris Brune

        I’ve been in the same boat, I hate going out to new places and trying to chat with strangers unless it’s something I enjoy doing anyway, (like rennfaires or sci-fi/fantasy cons)

  • Cory Tenorio


  • Tallon-1

    it will be fun , she said xD

  • somebodywhoknowsthings

    I’ve wondered where she kept that staff, but is the staff the only thing she can summon and unsummon? or can this magic be applied to other objects as well. This magic could be useful to hide one’s coin purse and prevent it from being lost or stolen

    • Phuufy

      Well I like the magic-bag theory, it explains alot. Kind of like how Link always has tons of items on his person but only seems to carry a pouch. As of right now, it’s the only summonable item she has. We did originally draw the characters sporting more gear (I think early on Sesame had a pouch, Claire has that bag..ect) but sometimes we forget or sometimes it seems cumbersome to draw.

      • James-Polymer

        You could always chalk up disappearing equipment to protagonist’s inventory management. How else do we explain Gordon Freeman lugging around half a dozen firearms, a rocket launcher plus ordnance, and a massive “Gravity Gun” that requires both hands to operate, while wearing nothing besides a utilitarian hazard suit? O_o

        • ScarletFlames

          Mass effect solved the problem, EVERYTHING IS ON THE BACK (literally!)

          • James-Polymer

            In the Mass Effect universe we can assume all future weapons include anti-gravity field generators, so every soldier can carry an entire arsenal into battle.

            What? It’s about as plausible as alien invasions and battles between interstellar spaceships. 😉

        • And that’s multiplied by 10 in most games with inventories…
          Mainly Pokemon (You can carry a bike in your backpack) and Minecraft (Mine down an entire mountain and still have it in your pockets, with your tools)

        • cr1ms0n t1ger

          And there’s also Fallout New Vegas. I mean, you can carry several heavy weapons in your inventory, plus nukes, plus regular guns. And when you equip them, only the fuel tank/energy pack/bullet pack appears on your back while the main weapon appears when you want to attack. Cause realism.

          • Chris Brune

            63 suits of steel plate armor in skyrim. o_O

  • Alex Smith

    Lets live in the moment and go stretch our legs. Back of the caravan, now.

  • Borderwolf

    Wow, last panel Kibs shows more confidence, and more boldness. *nods* Nice, very nice. Also was her cheek still slightly bruised?

    • Phuufy

      It’s been healed since the start of the day (Page 80)

      • ScarletFlames

        Man, she heals faster than me, and I’ve been impaled in the hand by a blunt object and the bleeding naturally stopped after 2 hours!
        I’ve also been impaled in the chest as a 2nd grader and survived, but that’s another story, and I still slink back when people move towards it.

  • Don’t do it Mason.
    Trust me, just stay in the caravan and think about Life, Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr.
    It’s gonna escalate pretty quickly.
    However if you do plan to do that…

    Just make sure to at least bring the caravan with you.
    It’s not like you can’t.
    Unless the town roads are really narrow, which is this case, that would suck.
    And with the secret-cult-rebellion-thingy going around I’d say just stay and do anything shitty.

    • Borderwolf

      You’re right, he should think about life. Memories of his kind caring aunt, and the apple pies (or whatever type of pies) she would bake to cheer him up.

  • Anomaly

    Neat trick! Just…stay away from anything valuable.

  • Elynnas Sionel

    Oh god NO! Kibbles, you’ll get another frag!

  • Shadowkey392

    Join the club, Mason, join the club.

  • Shadowkey392

    Join the club, Mason my friend, join the club.