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Ask the UberCast!
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  • Victor Masi

    I’m guessing Valmont’s finally going to make his official debut very soon…..also, first to comment. YAAAAAAAAAY!!!!

    • Shadowkey392

      I’m guessing you’re right. I’m also guessing Valmont is hiding behind a tree, but well just have to wait and see, won’t we??

  • cr1ms0n t1ger

    And I’m guessing that mysterious robe wearing figure in the background is just a goth alchemist that’s sensitive to sunlight that has absolutely nothing to do with the dark magic stone-rune-thingy in question. Would that be too much?
    Oh, and Kylar: a mix of fire-salts, powdered beast tooth and a minor stamina potion in warm water will get rid of those blood stains in no time.

    • The_Rippy_One

      That’s not how you make club soda!

      *get’s out alchemy handbook* I…don’t think…? Why is fire-salt so complicated?!

      • cr1ms0n t1ger

        Cause bug eggs mixed with some dust makes you invisible- THAT’S WHY!

        • The_Rippy_One

          This is one of those “Is it a bug, or a feature,” moments, isn’t it? dang it, vaguely defined pantheon, why you do this!?

  • Majinkoba

    Ah the evil need to watch your pawns fight your battles for you from the shadows, and then sending increasingly stronger ones you know will lose as well!

  • Tallon-1

    >:I He stole my pun ,ok I wanted to say :what a bloody mess ,but you get it πŸ˜›

  • Adam McGarry

    Uh-oh, shadowy figure in the trees, not a good sign.

  • Jack Mcslay

    It’s skeletor!

  • Shadowkey392

    So Kylar, let me get this straight:

    You’re a soldier (and a good one at that)…and you can’t stand blood?

    …son, you need a different profession. Or rain clothes.

    • Phuufy

      Not just blood, getting dirty at all. If only he had accepted that nice quiet profession his parents were trying to talk him into.
      OCD-ness aside, he really does love being a solider.

      • DarkMyste

        he goes from being macho and brave to being sissy and bitching about blood going to stain in exactly 3 seconds after the scolding and demoting the idiot.. love him to death{ and notice i didn’t say anything about him being gay lol because its to funny to even care about his sexual preferences} normally i can understand the Ocd-ness due he is a ranger they tend to stay away from getting bloodied unless he trying to distract the creature like he did

        • Phuufy

          I do indeed love characters who flip out about dirt and such (Rarity,Double D, Nick from L4D2,Pearl, ect) and yes, Kylar’s bitchiness is a fun trait to play with. πŸ™‚

          • LifeWulf


            Yep, that’s who Kylar reminded me of.

    • Borderwolf

      Kylar is not the only soldier who can’t stand the sight of blood, Ulysses S Grant (U.S. general of the American Civil War) couldn’t.
      Now I’m going to guess that the shadowy figure in the last panel must be Valmont.

    • natchu96

      He’s the bow and arrow type, it’s not entirely crazy to never have been fond of getting down and dirty up close.

    • Elanor Carsinda

      Could be a gay stereotype….

      • Phuufy

        Do you personally know anyone who enjoys being covered in blood?

  • GG1

    Why Valmont? Feel sorry for Francis, hope he doesn’t get kitchen duty when they get back.

  • SgtBash96

    Goes from bad-ass to wuss in two seconds flat X3 new record JK :3

    • Phuufy

      Just an OCD compulsion, not something he can fully help.

      • SgtBash96

        I know, it was just a dumb joke X3

  • Mr. Al

    Does he have to roll with the gay stereotype about being a wuss when it comes to dirt and stuff? I mean, no one likes being covered in blood and gore, but seriously, that response of his… Can’t we just keep him “normal”? No gay stereotyping please. (I’d prefer if he wasn’t gay at all, but that’s just my opinion and at the very least he shouldn’t have to be a “sissy” stereotype)

    • Phuufy

      Kylar has OCD – it’s an anxiety disorder. ANYONE can have it, it has nothing to do with his sexuality (there IS a reason he has it not yet revealed). He just brutally killed a giant monster and he’s somehow a wuss? The thing is Kylar can have OCD and be a badass in battle. His sexuality was one of the last things we developed in his character, it’s really a minor thing in comparison to everything else about him. To imply being gay is “sissy” or being clean is “feminine” is just all kinds of wrong and a stereotype itself. BUT all that aside, the LAST thing we had in mind was to create a stereotypical flamboyant gay man – in contrary we are trying to make Joel and Kylar fairly unassuming – they’re just guys who happen to be gay and in love.There isn’t anything wrong with wanting to be clean or being gay anyways.

      • Mr. Al

        I’ll avoid going into a lengthy debate over what is “right” or “wrong”, “natural” or “unnatural”, or the whole “love comes in many forms and a man can love another man without it being anything sexual or gay at all”, but you might have misread my post. I didn’t state he was being a stereotype “sissy”, I said I don’t want him to be. And FYI I was diagnosed with Aspergers, Tourette, ADD and OCD at the age of ten, so trust me, I know a lot from personal experience. I assume you’re implying his OCD is giving him distress when things are not neat and tidy? That is somewhat borderline into Asperger/Autism: His issue with symmetrical positioning is indeed OCD, I had it even worse than him with that in 4th grade, over a decade ago. BUT the PHYSICAL disdain of certain sensation, such as heat, cold, stickyness, dryness, or simple physical touching is a VERY Asperger/Autism-related issue, one that i have as well (I hate getting wet, I don’t like it when my hands gets covered in something, I don’t like it when people touches my shoulder, etc).
        OCD can technically create a disdain for dirty clothes in the manner of “EVERYTHING HAS TO BE CLEAN!”, but OCD is not about physical sensation in itself. Just an FYI, so you don’t mix the thing sup or else you could unintentionally create a character that is both Autistic and has OCD. Unless you WANT him to develop into that, some people “develop” into their syndromes as they grow up, although Kylar seems to me to be a bit too old for being in the developing/outbreak stage, at least generally speaking. He could be a late bloomer, I dunnoh. The thing is, you gotta be aware of where syndromes branch into each other and where they seem/are similar but are still separate/different :p

        • Phuufy

          Well I certainly don’t want to get into a length discussion about mental health and disorders,but sensory issues aren’t always related to Autism. In short, blood isn’t a type of fluid most people enjoy being covered in – it’s smelly,dirty (indeed does stain) and unless you favor the Patrick Bateman look, makes you look like a crazed psychopath to be drenched in it.
          Nobody is a “wuss” for not wanting to wear clothes covered in it. There, end of discussion. πŸ™‚

          • Mr. Al

            I’m not saying he is a wuss because of it, I’d be pretty disgusted to be splattered as well. What I’m saying is the execution makes him (unintentionally) look like a stereotypical dandy, which doesn’t make sense given his profession. A simple “Oh, that’s nasty!” would have been enough, no need for the flailing hands with a “ew ew ew”. I never once said he is a wuss, I said I don’t want him to be, The execution for it in this scene however provides an opportunity for misinterpretation quite easily. it was no critique about how I hate the comic now or something, just a heads up for something to look out for so you don’t accidentally provide an image of the character that is not true :p
            Also, Autism/Aspergers and AD(H)D are biological, not mental, hence why they are called “Neuropsychiatric” syndromes :3

  • Bushmaster

    You know, as far as dark arts go, a taming seal seems fairly tame.
    Not really that dark and frankly it could be pretty useful for any animal handling job.
    Maybe it’s just misunderstood- been misused and given a bad name for it (eg: apply taming seal to people and make an army), there’s always that one wizard who spoils it for everyone else.

  • Prayformercy

    Can’t stop laughing over his reaction to getting blood on his gear. You guys seriously do a great job on this comic πŸ˜€

  • Cory Tenorio

    whoever sicked that beast on them was testing them.

  • Peter Anckorn

    Harsh-demoted for needing to pee. He runs a tight ship! πŸ˜‰

  • Jagmaster69

    I have a question, I may be an 8th grade gramer nazi, but i think that in panel two it should be “francis’s ass” instead of “francis’ ass” you only add the “apostrophe no S” when the word is plural, and ends in s. For example ” Princesses’ crown or chickens’food.” You add the ‘s when it is singular.

    • jrh150482

      Jagmaster is right. And, while we’re on the subject of grammar, it should be ‘whoever’ in the last panel, not ‘whomever’.

  • Elanor Carsinda

    I believe that Francis’s perma-bitchface has returned to him πŸ™‚

  • JohnZScott

    I wonder if taming seals work on sentient beings? My guess would be no, but there may be some kind of spell or enchanted item for that. Also, I knew Kylar would freak out about the mess! His reaction is priceless!