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Sesame Akane “I seek the truth, and I SHALL find it.”
Age Species Class First Appearance
20 Fera (Common Shorthair Cat) Warrior UQ #1

Fearless,virtuous and stubborn to a fault. Named for her small-size, she makes up for it with unusual strength.Sesame is a dutiful and vigilant young woman, who has embarked on a quest to help her homeland that has recently come under threat. An amateur warrior with a fiery temper, she is stumbling through life trying to find her way. Despite all the hardships she’s face, she retains a tenaciously mighty spirit. Never the one to back down from a fight, she’ll defend her friends and allies to the end. Sesame is desperate to prove she is more then capable of doing all she sets out to and tries her best to keep a brave face in the wake of adversity.

Kibella "Kibbles" “I got my spells mixed up.”
Age Species Class First Appearance
18 Fera (Spitz-Mix Dog) Mage with Healing Specs UQ #3

Kibella, better known as “Kibbles” is a young maiden on a quest to learn the arcane arts, a mage in training she shows promise in magic. Kindly,soft-spoken and always eager to make a new friend – Kibbles is a peace-keeper of the group. Approachable and wise beyond her years, she keeps up the morale and is supportive of her companions.She was trained by the Grand Mage, Winsley whom she regards in high esteem. Surprisingly mysterious, Kibbles seems to hold quite a few secrets as she dislikes speaking of her past.She has been known to be quite sharp-tongued and sassy when angered. She enjoys singing,sewing and socializing.

Claire O'Conell “I’ve finished it… finally!! My Creation is complete!”
Age Species Class First Appearance
21 Fera (Fennec Fox) Engineer/Scientist UQ #9

Claire is an eccentric inventor from a different time period. She was accidentially transported to Evyr with her invention, a teleportation device along with her robot companion Proto due to a malfunction of sorts.Excitable, brilliant and sarcastic, Claire is a bit of an oddball that stands out in social situations. She has a bad habit of sticking her foot in her mouth, her child-like sense of humor often mislead how intelligent she is. Skilled in mechanics, she is quite well educated posessing doctrine and master degrees in theoretical physics and engineering. Claire has a softer side, able to show compassion and fierce dedication to those she is closest to. Beloved most is Proto, whom she has a mother-child relationship with and sees as her most successful invention.

Farron Jacques “If ya ain’t buying something, GO AWAY.”
Age Species Class First Appearance
27 Fera (Brown Rat) Merchant UQ#20

A wandering merchant , con-artist and petty criminal – his shop is aptly named ‘Farron’s Extraordinary Traveling Shop’ which he sells various goods of questionable origin. A vagabond by nature, he has traveled all over Evyr and has encyclopedic knowledge of the land.
A rough life has lead him to have an apathetic and cynical view on things, Farron lives his life as a loner wandering from place to place with no real set home. Rough around the edges, he can be blunt,cocky and never short of witty response. He is a man of many vices,finding life only is worth living in the moment- often placid and hedonistic.Despite all these flaws, he is capable of charity, altruism and kindness.He has a spirited yet loving relationship with his half-sister Dante, he claims to have been the responsible one during their childhood but the tides shifted these days. His backpack is actually a pet mimic named Scrab.

Mason Hamrell “I’m just happy to help you.”
Age Species Class First Appearance
22 Fera (Elk) Blacksmith UQ #34

Mason is a meek, quiet and gentle-tempered young man. Having worked as an apprentice blacksmith all his life, under the thumb of his abusive Uncle Edgar at the small smithy shop “Hamrell Blacksmith” in Ramblethorn. He embarks on a journey on his own for the very first time. Anxious,wary and eager to please – his foreboding large size is quite misleading.Naive,shy and somewhat emotional,he has low self-esteem due to an abusive past.Mason is a hard-worker whom keeps to himself most of the time. He also the most artistic of the group and is talented in his metal-working skills.Mason can come off as oblivious if not confused about most things, he almost has a childlike view on the world due to how sheltered he was. He has a soft spot for various animals and is somewhat of a pacifist. He owns two staggles as pets, Bub and Bob whom he loves very much.

Kylar Mclaughlin “Honor, Duty, and Justice are paramount to my job. They are values I hold dearly.”
Age Species Class First Appearance
25 Fera (Raccoon) Lieutenant Commander Archer/Ranger UQ#52

Professionalism is the best word to describe Kylar. As Lieutenant Commander in Alder’s army, he has excelled at a career he is very passionate about. Polite, orderly and always following a strict honor-code.He is the first to remind others of laws and rules, perhaps being the most mature of the group he finds himself micromanaging everyone – however this makes him out to be a kill-joy.He can come off as snooty and judgmental, having high-standards for those around him. Still, he is a masterful strategist,incredibly organized and a fierce fighter. He acts as second in command to Sesame as leader. Kylar’s family owns a famous Apothecary “McLaughlin’s Apothecary” of which he was intended to inherit, despite being a soldier Kylar attended university and studied Alchemy (likely due to his parents insistence) where he met his current boyfriend, Joel. He was in an arranged marriage to a woman named Marylyn – he is still closeted about his sexuality.

Dante Jacques “Dat was an easy kill. Oh Pardon, was dat yours?”
Age Species Class First Appearance
26 Fera (American Mink) Rogue UQ #11

Swift, Clever and Cocky. Dante is a remarkable thief whom isn’t above tormenting her victims with sassy remarks all the while performing her five-finger-discounts. A persistent rival for Sesame, they often find themselves crossing paths and battling. Opportunistic and cunning, she often finds it easy to outsmart or at least outrun those around her. Dante is often one of the first informed about most major events in the world, given her aptitude for eavesdropping and spying. Despite being seemingly anarchist in her behavior, she does have a strict moral-code and some lines she will not cross. Dante is apart of the Thieves Guild in Valemist,Hazarath to which she seems to have gained in ranks/takes care of refugees and young members. She likes to taunt her brother Farron but in a loving way, the two are very close but rarely see each other these days. Dante speaks with a cajun french accent, she hails from the swamp slums of Hazarath. She is Farron’s half sister, sharing the same mother.

Proto O'Conell “To the moon!”
Age Species Class First Appearance
4 Robot Robot UQ #9

Proto is a young and naive robot – whom was built by Claire as one of her first experiments, hence the name. Proto is childike, full of wonder, eager to learn and temperamental too. He often serves as the main support for Claire and would do anything to please her. He also affectionately calls her Sir, which is due to a software malfunction Claire never fixed. Proto also seems to have quite a softspot for “Pappy” which he calls Gordon,Claire’s father and effectively his “Grandfather”. Proto delights in getting upgrades and hopes one day to become a giant mech or perhaps a highly efficient computer. Until then he is stuck to doing mundane tasks and growing as a being until he can be prove himself as sentient. Proto befriends a pack of mandrakes in a swapy area near the teleportation pod, all of which he names Steven except one, Sven (his right hand man) prior to being attacked by kobolds and saved by Winsley.

Valmont Barlowe “If destroying everything you love and hold dear is what it takes, then so be it.”
Age Species Class First Appearance
30 Fera (Pigmy Fruit Bat) Necromancer UQ #156

Dramatic,theatrical,egocentric and maniacal. Valmont is a queer yet quirky individual whom works in the dark arts of Necromancy. His desire to acquire all the ubers, having one in his possession but finds an undead army inpractical. He goes to King Alphonse and Prince Drayven to offer an allegiance, having previously work as the Royal Mage before getting fired (likely due to his involvement with dark magic and obsession with the macabre.)So, in spite an bizarre larger than life persona, he is diplomatic and even somewhat of an intellectual. A skilled mage, his mastery over the magic is deadly and is not to be underestimated. He has a short temper and attention span, often mocking those around him or at least toying with their emotions to garner a reaction.

Winsley The Great “Stay off my land you clod shoveling varmints.”
Age Species Class First Appearance
???? Fera (Rabbit) Grand Mage UQ #76

An eccentric,senile but loveable kind man. Winsley is a powerful but elderly wizard, whom has taught many aspiring mages in the past. Kibbles is his most recent student and he seems adamant on making sure every student is a success.A brilliant prodigy in his time, he has fallen into obscurity from society, though it is rumored he is one of the most powerful mages in all of Evyr.
Winsley is grandfatherly and wise, but at times childish and hard headed. He lives his life in solitude in an old tower, still studying various magic has been his life long passion. He acts as the sage for the group, offering advice from time to time.

Drayven Alder “I will prove to be a better king than he ever was.”
Age Species Class First Appearance
21 Fera (Timber Wolf) Prince UQ #55

The heir to the throne of the Kingdom of Alder, Drayven is an ambitious young prince. With hopes his Kingdom will be restored to it’s former glory. He has a very strained relationship with his overbearing father, King Alphonse – though seems to be on good terms with the rest of his family. Drayven is tasked with winning over the admiration of his wavering subjects. Drayven is confident, collected and suave – a vast contrast to his stringent father. His wealth and attractiveness make him incredibly eligible – Drayven is used to being in the spotlight and basks in it. He has no shortage of connections due to his position, who’s services he uses are somewhat questionable. He also enjoys sword fighting.

King Alphonse Alder “It’s not yours yet, you ungrateful welp!”
Age Species Class First Appearance
53 Fera (Timber Wolf) King UQ #87

Reigning King of Alder, Alphonse rules his subjects with an iron fist. He is brash,hard-headed,traditional and paranoid. He seems to have no qualms being brutal towards enemies, especially the rebellious uprising of The Severance – which has been gaining more traction. He deeply believes in the religions of olde, feeling his Kingdom must hold onto their artifacts as they were “gifts from the gods”. Though some may see him as a dictator, he does care deeply for his family and the well-being and security of his country. He has a very tense relationship with his eldest son,Drayven whom he feels is an inferior heir. His paranoia about his son’s intentions, along with his aloof,irresponsible and disrespectful mannerisms only enforces this. Known to be a bit of a war-monger hungry to expand his borders, he has his shares of sins and secrets. He is in poor health.

Queen Eliza Alder “Let’s be supportive, hmnn?”
Age Species Class First Appearance
42 Fera (Timber Wolf) Queen UQ #88

Queen Eliza seems to be a laid back and almost carefree personality. Placid, she seems quite proud of her eldest son Drayven – whom she defends from her husband Alphonse. Her feelings towards the King seem indifferent, perhaps due to her having a never-ending goblet – though she seems slightly jealous whenever “Lady Aradelle” comes in. Eliza basks in her wealth and the finer things in life, she appears very lady-like and reserved.She has three children surviving, Drayven,Samara and Remus. Remus had a twin brother, Rom who died in infancy. She seems unusually close to the King’s Guard.

Soya Akane “Not everyone’s cracked up to be a hero.”
Age Species Class First Appearance
30 Fera (Tiger/Cat) Warrior UQ #92

Elegant, gallant and forebearing. Soya is an elite warrior, taught closely by her father Eiran. She was somewhat of a prodigy and rose in the ranks quickly.

Leaving Akai to join an independent clan, Sesame is searching for her.

Eiran Akane “I was taught just how precious life was.”
Age Species Class First Appearance
51 (DECEASED) Fera (White Tiger) General UQ #92

Stoic,brave and strict. Eiran is Sesame and Soya’s late father, a no-nonsense man with strong morals. He served as General to the Akai Islands and spent most his military career on the isles. His past is shrouded in mystery, he came to the Isles and met Sesame and Soya’s mother,Ginger and settled down. Since then he made it his mission to live honorably and take care of his family to the best of his abilities. As a widower he took care of his daughters along with their maternal grandmother,Yuzu “Nana”. He is protective of Sesame and refused to train her or explain her abilities to her at a young age. He recants this and reluctantly begins to train her when she is older, he misses his wife and mother-in-law greatly and is seen mourning their graves. Bravely he took up arms at the seige of Akai,commanding Sesame to find shelter as he would come find her later. He was acquainted with King Alphonse. He lost his life in battle during the Siege on Akai by the Iron Ward militia.

Yuzu "Nana" Sato “Now now, don’t start pouting again.”
Age Species Class First Appearance
72(DECEASED) Fera (Common Shorthair Cat) Cook/Grandma UQ #92

Yuzu better known as “Nana” is Sesame and Soya’s maternal grandmother. She took stead of the family after the tragedy following their mother’s passing. Naturally motherly without missing wit nor wisdom, she kept Eiran,Sesame and Soya in line. She was a great cook with a fantastic sense of humor, Sesame was especially close to her.

Rosalyn Lockhart “It’s still not too late for you.”
Age Species Class First Appearance
45 Fera (Rabbit) Mistress UQ #44

Compassionate, generous and a bit sassy. Rosalyn is the Mistress of the “Ye ole Brothel”, she is a retired prostitute herself. She has a long rocky history with Farron, whom she cares deeply for. She is known for being somewhat blunt.

Raziel “I won’t ever forget this!”
Age Species Class First Appearance
8 Dahaki Orphan UQ #66

An orphan Dahaki girl that met Farron in Wreston. She was found selling flowers, her parents were murdered and found herself “unadoptable”. She seems very sweet-natured but quite naive, she is grateful to Farron for his help.The fate of the young girl is yet unknown.

Scrab “Rarrrgghh”
Age Species Class First Appearance
??? Void Mimic Backpack UQ #20

Farron’s part time pet, part time luggage and full time pain in the back.
Scrab is a void mimic, a rare and dangerous beast – how Farron manage to tame him is beyond anyone’s guess.Scrab seems to be a lazy beast whom only seems to attack when prompted or feeling threatened, he is very affectionate towards Farron but seems to terrorize most others.

Gordon O'Conell “None of this is your fault.”
Age Species Class First Appearance
45 (DECEASED?) Fera (Fennec Fox) Scientist/Entrepreneur UQ #77

A brilliant scientist, he pioneered the way in many technological advancements. Particularly those in robotics and quantum mechanics.He owned his own company O’Conell Industries back on Colony IX – which proved to be somewhat successful until its eventual bankruptcy near his mysterious untimely death.He has one daughter,Claire with his ex-wife Helen – it’s implied neither were wanting children but Gordon did embrace fatherhood. He had a rather rocky marriage with Helen, which eventually lead to messy divorce. He put on a brave face, but seemed to have quite a few skeletons in the closet. He did his best to hide his fracturing life from his daughter, Claire. Of all things, Gordon was passionate,optimistic man.He was determined to give his daughter the best in life. Claire looked up to him and is following in his footsteps – hoping to make a “O’Conell Industries” a success.

Helen O'Conell “Doesn’t anyone stop to consider MY needs?”
Age Species Class First Appearance
39 Fera (Arctic Fox) Housewife UQ #77

Once a party girl with a promising career in telecommunications, she found herself in an unplanned pregnancy and marriage early on. She grows to resent Gordon later in their marriage, along with being quite jealous of her daughter Claire. Their rocky marriage lead to a very messy divorce. She eventually became estrange from both Gordon and Claire, as her current where-abouts are unknown.

Joel Lutaro “A thank you would be nice.”
Age Species Class First Appearance
25 Fera (Otter) Scribe UQ #52

A thoughtful,quiet and sometimes mischievous young man. He enjoys cooking, amateur geology and chess. Coming from a large family he is very laid back and playful in nature. Though he dislikes his mundane job as a Scribe. He is Kylar’s steady boyfriend. They’re relationship is a tightly held secret only trusted to be known by a very few individuals.

Leon Francis “I still have nightmares about mold.”
Age Species Class First Appearance
24 Fera (Spotted Hyena) Archer(Crossbow) UQ #83

Leon Francis or simply “Francis” as fellow soldiers know him, is apart of Kylar’s elite squadron. He specializes in crossbows like Ainsley. A man of few words, he is quite dedicated, a patriot at heart and cares deeply for those around him – even if he doesn’t always show it. He’s quite down to earth and even somewhat submissive. He seems to have a romantic interest in his fellow solider,Ainsley – having been childhood friends. His favorite food is turnips.

Sam Jeston “Really, Sir? That’s such an honor.”
Age Species Class First Appearance
22 Fera (Golden Retriever (Dog) Archer UQ #83

A relatively new recruit, Sam is a very eager young man out to prove his worth and make something of himself. He seems to be peppy and enthusiastic, admiring Commander McLaughlin and his decorated military career. Jeston is always the first to offer his services,despite his dedication he can’t ever seem to get a foothold in life – which is a source of great stress for him. He takes transgressions against him very close to heart, he also seems to hold resentment for those more successful then he.

Gwen Ainsley “Oh,thank goodness you’re alright!”
Age Species Class First Appearance
24 Fera (Rabbit) Archer (Crossbow) UQ #83

Gwen Ainsley is the sole female soldier on Kylar’s elite task squadron, she specializes in crossbows with like her fellow soldier Leon. Having known Kylar the longest professionally, she has proven herself as a capable and brave woman. Often the voice of reason but not afraid to take charge – though she can be a bit of a worry-wart.She was the one who got Leon to join Alder’s Army in the first place. Being childhood friends, she seems to fancy Francis quite a bit. She also seems to be quite fond of Kylar’s parents.Her family owns a bakery.

Bram McLaughlin “Preparation is the key to proficency!”
Age Species Class First Appearance
50 Fera (Raccoon) Alchemist/Doctor UQ #135

Kylar’s father, a famed alchemist/doctor with a fun-loving attitude. He is very particular about keeping all things orderly and is very traditional. He cares very deeply for his family, he has three children with his wife Kelly – two daughters and a son, Kylar. He own a successful Apothecary that has been in the family for generations and was taught by Kelly’s father first hand. He wants to pass on the business to Kylar, though he shows no interest in doing so. Bram finds Kylar’s “profession” messy,barbaric and unsafe, wishing he had an easier job. He is unaware of his son’s sexuality of current relationship, as he presumes the prior arranged-marriage with Marylyn is valid. Bram is the one who devised the medication Kylar must take for his condition and likely treated his son during his childhood, most likely being the one keeping him alive.

Kelly McLaughlin “WHERE’S MY BABY?!”
Age Species Class First Appearance
49 Fera (European Badger) Housewife UQ #135

Kylar’s Mother, she is very over-protective and a bit domineering.Despite that, she is also very loving and deeply committed to her family.Strong,dedicated and compassionate, she wears the pants in the McLaughlin household. She hails from a family whose have long history in alchemy and ran an Apothecary shop. Of which, Bram currently is the head of. She has three children with Bram, two daughters and a son, Kylar whom is the middle child. Due to Kylar being a very sickly child, she is extremely cautionary with him.
She finds Bram’s “Dad Jokes”hilarious and is quite protective of him.

Edgar Hamrell “Get back to work you giant imbecile!”
Age Species Class First Appearance
58 Fera (Elk) Blacksmith UQ #36

Mason’s disgruntled and abusive Uncle. He’s very stringent,rude,brash and runs a tight ship. A widower, he’s very hard on Mason, whom he seems to have wrapped around his finger. He owns a Blacksmith shop “Hamrell Blacksmith” in the town of Ramblethorn, which he requires Mason to do all the hard work (besides sales) these days. Edgar’s anger seems to extent to his customers, as he quite easily bullied around Sesame whom didn’t have enough money for their services and asked her to leave unless she made a purchase. Despite their animosity, Mason still cares for the only father-figure he’s ever known and is committed to pleasing him. It’s implied he begrudgingly adopted Mason as an infant, possibly due to his late wife.

Garrett “Alright! Praise be!”
Age Species Class First Appearance
21 Fera (Common Shorthair Cat) Battle Mage UQ #3

The unofficial leader of the “Guild Bros”, he’s a skilled battle mage who is also brash, relentless and domineering. Often seen with his two co-horts Rowan, and Leroy. He has a secret affair with his superior, Thana and seems to be set on gaining ranking in the Iron Ward militia.

Rowan “Now we can turn the tides.”
Age Species Class First Appearance
19 Fera (Rabbit) Warrior UQ #3

Rowan is a snarky,sarcastic and insecure member of the the “Guild Bros”. Obsessed with being cool and popular, he acts much tougher then he really is. Is rarely seen without Leroy, his lifelong childhood friend.He has a serious dislike for his superior Garrett, whom always seems to push and bully him around. Rowan has a secret affair with Leroy, though it’s implied he is being blackmailed for it by the Iron Ward.

Leroy “Being on bottom isn’t so bad.”
Age Species Class First Appearance
18 Fera (Field Mouse) Warrior UQ #3

The mildest member of the “Guild Bros”, he’s generally more concerned about having fun, snacks and lazing about then anything else. He isn’t the smartest guy around, but he is quite loyal.His favorite food is poultry. Nearly never seen without Rowan, the two have a secret love interest.

Thana “Come, let us rejoice”
Age Species Class First Appearance
26 Fera (Brown Bear) Acolyte UQ #48

Superior to the Guild Bros, she oversees smaller organizations.Mysterious,calm,cool and collective – she is quite calculating and her motives are quite questionable. She will do anything to achieve what she wants in life, as the ends always justify the means.She has a secret affair with Garrett, something forbidden by the council.